Because it’s not about choosing a major or following your passion.

At Lycoming, you’ll work closely with faculty and staff to customize an academic experience that allows you to do both. Master the art of theatrical representation while pursuing a policing career with your criminal justice degree. Learn the fundamentals of managing your own bookstore while studying modern and contemporary poetry. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, we’ll help you build the right combination of majors.

With scholarships for STEM, Fine Arts, and Academics, you can afford an education this valuable.

of Lycoming students receive some form of financial aid.
30 million
is awarded to students each year through scholarships and grants.
unique scholarship offerings currently available to students, awarding up to $27,000.

Bold, active learners like you deserve a powerful, explorative education like ours. That’s why our Financial Aid office works hand-in-hand with students and their families to ensure that financing a Lycoming education—and all of the amazing programs, field work, and global exposure that it entails—is completely doable.

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The numbers speak for themselves.

Our interdisciplinary and customizable liberal arts degree programs arm you with the creativity, adaptability, and market-readiness you need to gain a real edge in today’s job market. What has that kind of preparedness done for our graduates, you ask?

The percentage of Lycoming College graduates that have found employment within six months of graduating. That means it won’t take long for you to put your degree to use.
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The number of students who gain practical experience before they even enter the workforce. When you do, it will be with the industry exposure employers look for.
The growing community of Lycoming alumni who are out in the world, ready to network, mentor, and counsel their fellow Warriors.

You can put your ideas to work.

Lycoming College's entrepreneurship minor encourages students to turn their passion into a profession. By design, the program is meant to enhance any major or primary field of study—not just the business administration major.

Whether your aspirations are to start your own business venture, work within an entrepreneurial organization, or simply contribute in a more innovative manner, Lycoming College can help you develop the skills needed to build long-term, sustainable success.

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Graphic showing networking possibilities - In Government: Attorneys, Police Officers, Congressmen, State Senators, Judges, Advisors, Governors, Secret Service Agents, Mayors; In Science: Doctors, Social Workers, Biologists, Astronomers, Dentists; In Business: Brewers, CEOs, Business Owners, Vice Presidents; In Education: Teachers, College Professors; In the Arts: TV and Video Producers, Emmy Winners, Opera Singers, Oscar Winners, Photographers, Artists, Actors, Pulitzer Prize Winners

Join a network of more than 15,000 loyal Warriors.

From Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize winners to vice presidents and governors, our alumni have found success across all industries. What’s best is they keep close ties with their alma mater, allowing current students to tap into and benefit from the many legacies they’ve created.

Adam Makos ’03 Marketing

New York Times best-selling author, Co-owner of Valor Studios

Ingrid Zhang ’94 Chemistry

Head of Pharma and Country, President of Novartis Poland

Pamela Tipler ’05 Biology

Assistant professor of medicine at Augusta University Health, Former Physician at Eisenhower Army Medical Center

Gene Yaw ’70
Gene Yaw ’70 Business administration

Pennsylvania state senator, 23rd district

Lead, serve, play.

Clubs & Organizations
Varsity sports teams (and growing!)
Local partners for community service
Various student life photos arranged in a grid

“Lycoming is full of opportunity whether it’s through your classes or organizations on campus. When I decided to start my own organization in my junior year, the faculty and staff were tremendously supportive in helping my plans become a reality. Now I can thank LyComm for being a huge conversation piece that helped me land my current job!”

Darrian McClellan '16

Corporate Communications and Political Science Double Major

Hometown: Williamsport, PA

Marketing Assistant with Limitless Mobile, a start-up

Customize a visit.

The best way to find out if Lycoming is right for you is to visit our campus and see for yourself. Choose from a variety of visiting options, or give us a call at (570) 321-4026 or (800) 345-3920 to plan your personalized experience.

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