A major in communication with a liberal arts base is the perfect choice for students interested in corporate communication, advertising, public relations, management, event planning, sales, marketing, broadcasting, and a full range of digital media professions.

The department offers major concentrations in Corporate Communication and Film and Video Arts and minor concentrations in Film Studies and Media Writing. Students balance theory and practice as they study the way media interacts with society and are introduced to a variety of media in their courses, extracurricular activities, independent projects, and internships.

The Corporate Communication major prepares students to think analytically and creatively about communication in various types of organizations and institutions. Particular emphasis is focused on writing, speaking, marketing, interpersonal, and the leadership skills that are necessary for careers in various communication fields in corporate settings such as public relations, integrated marketing communication, human resources, and advertising.

Film and Video Arts prepares students to use digital technology to create, manipulate, and effectively communicate information to intended audiences. Through photography, producing digital videos, developing audio knowledge, and building websites you explore rapidly developing technologies and prepare for the convergence of digitally produced media.

In addition to the two Communication majors, the department offers students the opportunity to minor in two unique areas:

  • Film Studies - Develops skills in media writing and critical analysis of film, television, and video as an art form.
  • Media Writing - Teaches students how to connect messages with audiences’ needs, values, and interests, and how to make choices among the possible ways of conveying information in a mediated world.