Explore the Inner Workings of the Universe

Major: Astrophysics

The study of astrophysics combines coursework in astronomy, physics, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics to give you a clearer understanding of how planets and stars and their environments develop and how the forces of nature continually transform the universe. Astrophysics majors will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in astrophysics in just four years, prepared for graduate-level studies or a career that uses their research, data analysis and problem-solving skills. Students majoring in astrophysics often pursue work with high-tech corporations such as NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin; educational programming work for planetariums and museums; or in research and development labs.

Student Opportunities

  • Learn how to use a scanning electron microscope as part of your coursework and for research.
  • Conduct physics research alongside faculty members.
  • Gain valuable teaching experience as a laboratory assistant or a course tutor.
  • Operate our state-of-the-art Detwiler Planetarium and conduct planetarium shows for the public.
  • Volunteer in the nonlinear and complex systems research laboratory doing research about machine learning, astrophysics, or combustion as part of an international collaboration.
  • Pursue a competitive internship with local and national companies.
  • Publish with faculty in research journals and present at professional conferences.
  • Work toward induction into Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society.

Why Lycoming?

  1. All students have numerous opportunities to participate in faculty-mentored independent research.
  2. Hands-on laboratory experiences prepare students for both graduate study and jobs in industry.
  3. Courses are taught by faculty with the highest degree in their field teach in low student-to-faculty ratio settings both in the classroom and in the laboratory
  4. The new Lynn Science Center, the home of astrophysics, contains updated laboratories, classrooms, and the Detwiler Planetarium.
  5. The department boasts a plentiful inventory of cutting-edge physics instrumentation that is available for students to use as early as their first year.

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