Chemistry stands at the pivot of science. On the one hand it deals with biology and provides explanations for the processes of life. On the other hand it mingles with physics and finds explanations for chemical phenomena in the fundamental processes and particles of the universe. Chemistry links the familiar with the fundamental.
-P.W. Atkins

Approved by the American Chemical Society, the Department of Chemistry delivers a curriculum that prepares students for positions with chemical and pharmaceutical companies, secondary education, or graduate or professional schools. The department is located in the Heim Biology and Chemistry Building - one of the most well-equipped undergraduate facilities in the East. Outstanding features of the building include: individual fume hood and bench space for each student in advanced labs, a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer, and a 300-MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.

A professionally active faculty of four full-time professors matches the excellent facilities. Areas of specialized interest within the faculty range from organic and organometallic chemistry, to inorganic chemistry and crystallography, to organic chemistry and spectroscopy, to analytical and electrochemistry. One advantage of attending a small liberal arts institution is that you have the opportunity to work side-by-side with your professors on laboratory research projects. The department also sponsors on-campus summer research with paid student research teams under faculty supervision. These experiences have led to research publications and presentations by students at area and national science conferences.