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We are proud to partner with roasters and Parkhurst Dining to bring an exciting initiative to our community: Warrior Coffee, a selection of organic, transitional and shade-grown coffees from around the world.

Warrior Coffees are roasted to order every Friday and are shipped on Monday.

The sale of Warrior Coffees (Warrior Blue, Warrior Gold, and Warrior Decaf) result in donations directed back to Lycoming College. Those funds, along with revenue generated from the sale of retail bags, support educational opportunities for Lycoming students to study and conduct research in the developing world. Students from all majors will have the opportunity to learn the science of growing coffee while designing and implementing community and economic development projects relevant to their major.

For the Environment

Preserving natural habitats while creating organic, shade-grown coffees not only ensures the health and safety of growers and consumers, but tastes great, too! Learn more.

For the People

Sales of Warrior coffees help farmers escape poverty by guaranteeing a minimum price for their coffee. Learn more.

For our Education

Proceeds from Warrior coffee sales support academic programs for students from all majors. Learn more.

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