Become part of the Lycoming community this year!

Admission to Lycoming College is competitive, because our students are some of the best in their class. But our approach is also holistic; we don't just use test scores to admit incoming students. We’ll also consider who you are personally based on your talents and interests to gauge your potential for success here.

You can choose to apply using one of the following application options,

Looking for another option? You can also use the Lycoming Online Application.

You can submit your application during any of these three application rounds:

Early Decision. (Common application required.) On the condition that you are accepted early decision and your financial aid package meets your needs, this decision is binding.

Early Action. Get ahead in your application process, without the binding commitment of early decision.

Regular Decision. Your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, beginning as early as December 16 for the fall semester, and December 1 for the spring semester.*

*Applications received after March 1 will be reviewed on a rolling basis, subject to space availability.