I am Living. I am Lycoming.

Lycoming is more than just an education. It is a community, and for four years of your life, it is your home. Lycoming College’s Office of Residential Life paves the way for students to shape their own living experiences and engage with both the campus community and the Williamsport community in meaningful ways. Through the unique fusion of community programming and leadership opportunities, the Office of Residential Life supports students in the transition to collegiate life and enables them to positively impact their community.

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Attend Community Programming – Residential Life staff members make learning and personal growth outside of the classroom possible with simple community builders and additional educational opportunities. They also develop programming aimed to allowed students to explore the Williamsport community.
    • Become a Residential Assistant – This amazing opportunity for students enables them to gain valuable leadership skills and to let their voice be heard in the campus community. They contribute to community programming as well as a variety of other important tasks.
    • Get involved in FYRST – First-Year Residents Succeeding Together (FYRST) helps students transition to college life and helps them with the necessary academic, interpersonal, and leadership skills. With events and activities throughout the year, it gives first-year students another opportunity to make friends, learn to live in communities, and further develop skills to adjust to campus life.
  • Live on an Affinity Floor – Affinity housing at Lycoming allows students to live in an environment in which they have a say in community development, their own development as a student, and the growth of their community. These floors have a variety of specific focuses ranging from STEM, Outdoors, and Management Studies.
  • Become an Affinity Community Floor Facilitator – As Affinity Community Floor Facilitators, students have the opportunity to lead a floor unified under a single goal and impact the personal development of the members of that affinity.

Why Lycoming?

  • Residential Life staff members support student residents not just through the transition to college, but for their entire collegiate experience.
  • Students have a say in their experience and are encouraged to make their spaces their own.
  • All Residential Life staff members work to ensure that the overall environment is one in which students feel safe and can experience growth outside of the classroom setting.

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