The Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences (CEAE) is dedicated to helping students identify and participate in a wide-range of experiences that help them develop intellectually, professionally and personally. The CEAE is located on the 2nd floor of the Academic Center in the C wing. Our phone number is 570-321-4602.

With a focus on global education, internships, and student-faculty research collaboration, the center helps students to put skills they’ve learned in the classroom into direct practice across a variety of settings. Through these enhanced academic experiences, students learn how broad concepts explored in classes are tailored to the unique practices of particular businesses, individuals and communities around the world.

As a liberal arts institution, we focus on both breadth and depth of understanding, and enhanced academic experiences are integrated into both the general education curriculum requirement and more specifically tailored to enrich each academic major. While all students are required to complete an enhanced academic experience, students work with their faculty advisors and career advisors to create a layered approach the enhanced academic experiences to best prepare, launch, and sustain meaningful professional lives.