Thinkers, Dreamers, and Doers

Majors: English | History | Philosophy | Religion | Modern Language Studies

The arts and humanities define who we are as a people. That is their power — to remind us of what we each have to offer, and what we all have in common. To help us understand our history and imagine our future. To give us hope in the moments of struggle and to bring us together when nothing else will.

— Michelle Obama

The Humanities Research Center enhances educational opportunities for students majoring or minoring in any of the humanities by supporting collaborative student-faculty research, internships, guided scholarship, study abroad opportunities, education certification, digital humanities, graduate school placement, and fellowships. As a vibrant physical space celebrating student excellence in the humanities, the center advocates for cultural literacy and creates a supportive atmosphere that encourages students to engage in interdisciplinary research and professional development. The Humanities Research Center is dedicated to developing students' thoughtful engagement with the world around them and launching successful careers.

Student Opportunities

  • Help facilitate campus programming with topical speakers in the humanities and related fields of study, as well as interdisciplinary subject matter.
  • Gain experience in the digital humanities, working alongside other experienced students and faculty members.
  • Take action with our student-led humanities regional conference where you will be a part of selecting topics and meeting guest speakers.
  • Help launch and join the staff of a student-edited research journal, featuring the works of fellow Lycoming students and students from other institutions.
  • Discover local and national internships related to your field of study through the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences (CEAE).
  • Study abroad in a summer- or semester-based independent experience or travel course through the CEAE’s Office of Global Education.
  • Contribute to and help publish The Tributary, Lyoming’s student-run literary journal or be selected to work alongside faculty on the nationally-read journal, Brilliant Corners.
  • Advance your academic work with the Lycoming Scholars Program, a semester-long seminar on a topic chosen by the students.

Why Lycoming?

  1. Our humanities-focused center allows students to find their community and share their passions and interests.
  2. Lycoming offers many grants and fellowships to support students in faculty-led research projects.
  3. Our small student-to-faculty ratio allows for individualized guidance to better ensure students’ success rates outside of the classroom.
  4. Work alongside professors who hold the highest degrees in their field. With anything from research to securing internship and fellowship opportunities, our faculty assist students and their needs directly.
  5. Our degree programs make it effortless for students to individualize their plan by adding another major and/or minor in complementary programs to better accommodate career aspirations.
  6. Lycoming College engages the immediate Williamsport community for students to benefit from expanded educational opportunities and an exchange of expertise.
  7. Students can pursue membership in a national honors society to help to expand their network of contacts and provide an additional outlet for academic enhancement in a chosen field.

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