Earning a mathematics degree at Lycoming College is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a number of occupations that require logical thinking, analytical skills and effective decision-making. Recent Lycoming graduates have successful careers in teaching, finance, actuarial science, business, computer science, systems analysis, and cryptology. Others have elected to pursue graduate study in mathematics, operations research, computer science, economics, management, and education.

While mathematics can often be abstract, each student has opportunities to use classroom-gained knowledge in a variety of practical applications. This approach, combined with Lycoming's personalized learning environment, has proven to be a major benefit for our graduates.

Our weekly mathematics colloquium offers students the opportunity to investigate advanced topics on their own, and make effective presentations within the department and the college community; our Writing Program helps students to acquire skill in precise and effective mathematical writing; our extensive use of mathematical software keeps students competitive in the rapidly changing world of technology; and our average class size of eleven and full-time staff of six guarantees students personal attention and partnerships in learning.