Economics Best Value

Economics is the study of making the best possible decisions in a world where resources are scarce. Therefore, economics can be applied to all choices that people have to make, professionally as well as personally. Because economics provides students with keen analytical skills, it can be interesting and useful for students of different backgrounds and diverse ambitions. At Lycoming, we help students tackle the theoretical aspects of economics while at the same time exposing them to applications of economic concepts.

Economics involves the study of both the world economic system and the actions of individuals and business firms. By receiving a degree in economics from Lycoming, you will have developed a method of thinking and tools of analysis that will have wide application.

The economics major offers three tracks—the first being Managerial Economics, which is designed for students whose primary interest lies in business management; the second being General Economics, for those students who wish to develop a broad understanding of economic, social and business problems; and the third being Quantitative Economics, which focuses study on the more quantitative and analytical courses in the department. Opportunities with or without graduate study are wide-ranging.

Lycoming graduates have gone on in a variety of careers, including financial consulting, banking, economic consulting, marketing, secret service, management and entrepreneurship.

Students are encouraged to have at least one internship during their junior or senior year. Through the Institute for Management Studies, students are placed in various firms both in and away from the Williamsport area.