Fundamental Questions

Major: Philosophy
Minors: Philosophy | Philosophy and Law | Philosophy and Science | History and Philosophy | Ethics and Political Philosophy

Philosophy at Lycoming encourages students to engage with fundamental questions that have been asked in our philosophical tradition for 2500 years. For example: What is right and wrong? What is a just society? What is the relation of the mind to the brain? What is the nature of scientific explanation? What can we know? Can God’s existence be reconciled with the suffering in the world? The Department teaches courses in Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary Philosophy.

In addition, Philosophy at Lycoming is a vantage point from which to think about questions that often occur to thoughtful students as they pursue majors other than philosophy. The Philosophy Department offers courses directly relevant to students majoring in Accounting, Archaeology, Biology, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, International Relations, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion.

The philosophy curriculum is flexible and, therefore, students at Lycoming can combine a major or minor in philosophy with a major in just about any other subject. Students who pursue philosophy as a minor or as a second major will deepen their liberal arts education while at the same time preparing themselves for a fulfilling career.

Student Opportunities

  • Read, write, discuss, and therefore think deeply about important questions that have been raised in our philosophical tradition for 2500 years.
  • Conduct research, publish, or present at conferences with a professor from the Department.
  • Create an interdisciplinary academic experience by augmenting a major in philosophy with a major or minor in another discipline.

Why Lycoming?

  1. Every class is taught by a professor with a PhD.
  2. Small class sizes consequently focused classroom discussions.
  3. Courses emphasize reading and writing and cover a variety of periods and places, including Ancient Greek Philosophy in Athens; Medieval Philosophy in Rome, Paris, and North Africa; Modern Philosophy in France, Germany, Holland, and England; Contemporary Philosophy in the US, England, Germany, and Australia.
  4. May Term courses enable travel with members of the Department. A travel course is planned for Iceland.
  5. Our philosophy graduates have gone on to become successful lawyers, doctors, religious scholars, teachers, prison wardens, and you name it.

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