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Career and Professional Development

Lycoming College is a leader in career services innovation with a unique advising program built upon three key features:

  1. Job Searching Support
    Whether seeking on-campus student employment, regional and national internships, or launching your career as you near graduation, the CEAE is your home for job searching support. We begin building an employment support relationship with first-year students during First Weekend and support you throughout your four years and into the early alumni years.

    A key tool in this process is I AM LAUNCHING, an employment software system designed specifically for Lycoming College students and alumni to access the regional, national, and global job markets.

  2. Career advisors who specialize in academic disciplines
    No two career paths are alike, and students majoring in different areas of study should have professional development advice and support tailored to meet their individual needs.
  3. Integration of professional development with course assignments
    The most important — and unique — feature of our career advising is the partnership with faculty to create course assignments integrating career exploration and preparation. Typically introduced in freshmen and sophomore-level courses, students complete class projects that not only deepen their understanding of the course’s academic content, but make purposeful connections with career aspirations.

Workshops and Individual Student Support

Our career advising team provides both open campus workshops and individual student support on a wide array of personal and professional development topics, such as:

  • Career exploration and personal interest inventory support
  • Support in choosing majors and minors
  • Special interest dinners for pre-health/pre-med and pre-law students
  • Resume and cover letter instruction and reviews
  • Assistance in finding and support in completing internships
  • Graduate and professional school search strategies
  • Personal essay and admissions essay development
  • Networking strategies and developing an elevator speech
  • Mock interview sessions, including review of recorded interviews
  • Job fair preparation and support at the fairs
  • Preparing for background investigations
  • Building professional social media profiles
  • Photo services for social media professional profiles
  • Interview preparation panel discussion with hiring experts
  • Soft skill development workshops such as Wine, Dine, and Act Fine
  • A wide array of job searching strategies
  • Early career assistance for alumni

With such strong, integrated support and preparation, it’s no wonder our students have a 99% graduate school and job placement rate.

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