Justice is the backbone of civilization, and here at Lycoming students can partake of two exciting majors: Criminal Justice and Criminology. Through a liberal arts education, comprehensive course study and internships, students are provided with knowledge in policing, corrections, forensics, crime and crime prevention. The program is designed to instill a comprehensive knowledge of the field, educating students to be critical thinkers who can communicate their thoughts effectively in oral and written form.

The primary goal of the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department is to provide a program of quality and interdisciplinary education that prepares students for a full range of career opportunities in law enforcement, court services, counseling, activist and leadership positions. Students pursuing the Criminology major will find a curriculum that stresses theory, crime policy and research methodologies which enable students to better understand why crime exists, the causes of crime and the impact of crime policies. Criminology majors are well-equipped to pursue a graduate education following their four years at Lycoming.

With a healthy focus on real-world experience and a strong liberal arts foundation, it's no wonder why Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges recognizes Criminal Justice and Criminology at Lycoming to be one of the top 25 programs in the country.