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The college experience is both enriching and challenging, during which students undergo dramatic intellectual and psychological growth. During this journey, it is not unusual for students to experience emotional or psychological difficulties that can affect their well-being and their ability to perform academically. It is the mission and purpose of Lycoming College’s Counseling Services Office to assist students in understanding and contending with the various emotional and psychological issues that can arise during their time as a college student. The Counseling Services professional staff utilizes a solution focused, strength-based, brief therapy model to assist students in managing and enhancing their well-being and academic success.

Counseling Services Provides

  • Individual counseling
  • Couple/relationship counseling
  • Assessment and referral for medication
  • Consultation with faculty, staff and parents
  • Referral for off-campus service providers
  • 24/7 emergency consultation

How to Get Help

  • To make an appointment — send an email to one of the Counseling Services staff: Misty Palmatier, palmatierm@lycoming.edu, Stephanie Fortin, fortin@lycoming.edu, or Darlene Garcia-Johnson, garciajohnson@lycoming.edu. Students are usually scheduled within one or two days of requesting an appointment. There is no waiting list and there are no session limits.
  • If you or another student need immediate help — Lycoming College provides 24/7 emergency support services. To obtain immediate help at any time, one can call the Office of Public Safety at 570-321-4911 or 570-321-4064.
  • If you are concerned about another student’s well-beingsubmit a Student of Concern Referral Form. This form allows you to describe the concerns you have about a student. It can be submitted by students, parents, staff and faculty. Once submitted, the Student of Concern Form is reviewed by the Counseling Services staff and efforts are made to respond appropriately to the student of concern.

Why Lycoming?

  • Lycoming College Counseling Services recognizes the complex challenges and pressures facing college students today. These challenges can activate or amplify pre-existing mental health conditions. Counseling Services provides an array of high quality clinical and consultation services, prevention initiatives, training opportunities, and psycho-educational programming to assist students in developing strength, resilience and well-being.
  • Students with mental health needs benefit from having a strong network of support during college. Lycoming College Counseling Services works collaboratively, when possible, with other divisions and departments at the College to promote student success. Services are implemented within the legal and ethical frameworks that guide our profession in order to help students make the most of their college experience.

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