Lycoming College is an ideal place to pursue professional degrees and careers. Our broad academic coursework, applied practicums and work experiences prepare you for exceptional careers as health care providers, veterinarians, attorneys, engineers, ministers and more. The curricular pathways prepare you not only for graduate school admission, but for success within the graduate-level program itself. An education in the liberal arts and sciences from Lycoming College will catapult you into the successful career of your choice.

Pre-Health and Pre-Med

Lycoming College helps prepare you for a career in the health professions, including dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy and veterinary medicine.

By working with our faculty and your career advisor from as early as your first year at Lycoming, we can help prepare and guide you toward a successful transition to a professional degree program following your undergraduate degree. Thinking about a career in the health industry? Click here for more information on Pre-Health or Pre-Med.


Entering the Pre-Law track at Lycoming College is a great ambition for any student who has an interest in studying the law. At Lycoming, you choose the major, and our dedicated Pre-Law advisors help to guide you in the right direction. Our liberal arts emphasis on courses that require careful reading, analysis, criticism, evaluation and interpretation promises to prepare you for law school. We couple your classroom learning with applied experiences including internships, practicums and work experiences. Click here to read more information about our Pre-Law program.


The College's Pre-Ministry program helps your exploration of a call to religious leadership and service in congregational and other ministerial settings. The purpose of Pre-Ministry advising at Lycoming College is to support you in your quest to consider any form of ministry as a profession, while also offering a number of activities and resources to support your theological exploration of ministry. Click here for more information about our Pre-Ministry program.


At Lycoming College, we prepare you for veterinarian school by offering a strong biology, chemistry and math-based curriculum. We also expose you to a broad spectrum of health sciences, and a strong network of alumni that work in the field.


Offered in partnership with the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University, Lycoming College’s Pre-Engineering program prepares you for a career in engineering with foundational courses in calculus, chemistry and physics. Because Lycoming College is a liberal arts college, you will deepen your preparation through exposure to the sciences, humanities and the arts — all in service to not only your first job as an engineer, but your long term career trajectory in the field. Upon graduation the 3-2 engineering program affords two bachelor of science degrees — one from Lycoming College and one from Binghamton University. Click here for more information on the Pre-Engineering program at Lycoming College.