We know that your college education is one of the most important and valuable investments you and your family will ever make—one that will shape your future both professionally and personally. So when it comes time for you to decide where you’ll make that investment, we do everything in our power to ensure that financing your education isn’t a pain point, but a pride point.

Our Tuition Assistance Program

  • Recognizing outstanding academic achievements through significant scholarships as generous as $27,000.
  • Providing a variety of resources to help bridge the gap between family resources and educational costs.

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Estimated investment

  Per Semester Per Year
Tuition $19,680 $39,360
Standard Double Room $3,205 $6,410
Board (meal plan) $3,079 $6,158
Miscellaneous fees   $1,095-$2,900
Total   up to $51,928