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Obtaining Campus Housing

To obtain housing, each year resident students must complete the following steps before being assigned a living space:

  1. Pay confirmation deposit (First-Year/Transfer/Readmitted Students) or enrollment deposit (all Returning Students). For information regarding payments and established deadlines contact the Business Office.
  2. Complete the Housing Agreement online through Residence.
    • New Students (First-Year/Transfer) who have confirmed admission and paid the confirmation deposit will use their WebAdvisor Log-in and log in on the Orientation section.
    • Currently Enrolled Returning students will use their Lycoming College credentials to log-in.

New (first-year/transfer) students will be assigned housing by the Office of Residential Life prior to their arrival on campus. Currently enrolled, returning students who wish to select their housing for the following academic year must participate in the housing lottery conducted each spring semester.

Housing Agreement

To complete the Housing Agreement online through WebAdvisor, please follow the steps below. Please Note: The Housing Agreement cannot be accessed until the appropriate deposit(s) are paid and any holds on the student account are lifted. Once completed, the Housing Agreement is binding for the entire academic year.

  • Carefully read the Conditions of the Housing Agreement; parents/legal guardians are encouraged to read them as well.
  • Carefully read and complete all portions of the Agreement.
  • Accept the Conditions of the Housing Agreement when prompted.
  • Minors (students who are under 18 years of age at time of completion of Agreement) must print, sign and return the Housing Agreement Parent/Guardian Signature Form to the Residential Life Office.
  • Submit and finalize the agreement.

Canceling a Housing Agreement

If a resident student wishes to move out of campus housing but continue as a student, s/he must meet the conditions of the College Residency Policy. After obtaining approval from the Office of Student Life as stated in the Residency Policy, the student should contact the Residential Life Office via their RA, House Manager or RLC to initiate the move out process. Full campus housing fees are non-refundable once a key has been issued and/or belongings have been moved into as assigned residence.

To withdraw from the College (classes and campus housing), see Withdrawal and Refund policies.

Special Housing Accommodations

Students who have a need for special accommodations in their housing (ie. handicapped accessibility, air conditioning, etc.) because of a medical or other condition must complete a Housing Accommodations Request form. For information and the necessary form please go to Special Housing Accommodations or contact the Office of Residential Life.

New Students (First-Year/Transfer) Housing Assignments

Assignments for incoming first-year and transfer students are made according to the date a student's confirmation deposit is received. A small number of students have been tripled in past years when demand has exceeded available space. It is to an incoming student's advantage to submit the confirmation deposit as early as possible. In addition to the Confirmation Deposit, new students requiring housing complete an on-line Housing Agreement before being assigned to a living space.

All first-year students live in one of three designated first-year residence areas in Asbury, Skeath, or Wesley Halls. The floors are co-ed by wing with an upperclass Resident Assistant (RA) for each wing. First-year students are assigned a room by Residential Life staff but may choose a roommate if they wish. Responses from the Housing Agreement will be used to match residents based on expressed preferences.

Returning Students (Upperclass) Housing Assignment

A variety of living options are available to currently enrolled students and can be selected through the Housing Lottery process each spring. Four of the residence halls - Crever, Forrest, Rich and Williams - consist of two-room suites accommodating 1-4 residents per room, which share and are connected by a bathroom. Crever and Rich Halls also have a limited number of rooms accommodating 2-4 residents, which have a private bath. Wesley Hall 2nd and 3rd floors will house "Affinity" clusters in 2-4 resident suites with their own "in-suite" bathroom. There are special interest (Choice) floors available including Creative Arts, and fraternity or sorority. For qualified students, the College offers several College Apartments and The Commons (apartment style living) within a block of campus.

Check In

Upon arrival, residents will receive campus residence key(s) and assess the condition of the assigned residence, using a Residence Condition Report (RCR) form. Careful inspection of the campus residence and furniture before residents move possessions into the space is encouraged since the information included on the RCR will be used to determine billing (if necessary) when a resident moves out of the residence. The RCR must be returned to Res Life staff to be kept on file for use upon check-out. Any damage or missing College property not specified on the RCR at check-in will be billed to the resident(s) after check-out. Students who do not complete and return paperwork at check-in will have an RCR completed for them and the assumption will be that conditions in the campus residence were "good" and check-out conditions will be assessed based on that assumption.

Check Out

When a resident student is departing campus, there are two "proper" check-out methods from which to choose: Express Check-out or Scheduled Check-out. All students must check-out by using one of these methods and follow the guidelines below to avoid administrative charges or fines. Note: This does not apply to breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring) unless the student will not be returning to campus after the break. Break closing procedures will be publicized on the Residential Life Web page prior to each scheduled break. See Breaks for a brief overview of policy.

  • All college property must be present and in its original condition (as noted on check-in RCR). Residents will be billed repair/replacement costs for damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) or missing items.
  • All personal belongings must be removed from the residence at the time of check-out.
  • All trash must be removed from the residence and placed in the proper receptacles or donated to Trash to Treasure* (*end of year only); if not, a minimum of $50.00 may be billed to the residents for removal of non-college furniture or trash.
  • The residence must be reasonably clean and the floor swept/mopped; if not, a minimum of $50.00 may be billed to the residents for excessive cleaning.
  • Campus residence keys must be returned to Residential Life Staff at time of check-out. Residents who fail to return keys will be billed a minimum of $35 to change the lock cylinder and replace keys. (Charges vary based on the number of locks in the residence.)
  • Failure to follow proper check-out procedures may result in a $50 fine.

Express Check-Out

Available to students who choose not to schedule an appointment for check-out prior closing and the only option available for any student who is approved to stay beyond closing at the end of a semester. In other words, when choosing this option residents do NOT need to schedule an appointment with a(n) RA, House Manager or RLC to check-out of their campus residence.

To check-out using this option:

  • Residents must obtain an Express Check-out form from a(n) RA, House Manager, RLC or the Res Life Office.
  • The form must be completed and signed and returned to the proper staff - RA, RLC, or the Res Life Office- with campus residence key(s) in the envelope provided.
    • Paperwork and/or key(s) may not be left in the campus residence or with a friend/roommate. This constitutes an "Improper Check-out".
    • Paperwork and key(s) may be turned in to the Office of Public Safety if a resident is checking out "after hours" and appropriate staff cannot be located.

A final inspection will be done at a later date by a Residential Life Professional Staff member; final assessment of the campus residence condition for billing purposes will be done at that time.

Scheduled Check-Out

Available when scheduled in advance and only for residents who are leaving prior closing. In other words, this option requires a previously scheduled appointment and is not available for any student who is approved to stay beyond closing.

To check-out using this option:

  • Each resident will need to schedule an appointment by contacting the appropriate Residential Life Staff (RA or RLC) a minimum of 24 hours before the time s/he intends to leave campus. Residents need to keep in mind that-
    • RAs are students as well and must schedule check-out appointments around their own study time and exams.
    • Last minute check-out requests cannot always be honored.
    • Residents may have no choice but to do an Express Check-Out if an appointment has not been scheduled ahead of time.
  • It is recommended that, if possible, all roommates be present during the review of the residence.
  • Damage or cleaning charges will be split evenly between all residents in a campus residence unless-
    • It is clear which resident is responsible.
    • The RA or RLC is informed differently at check-out.

Since the resident is to be leaving campus shortly after the Check-out appointment, the RA or RLC will:

  • Do an initial inspection for damages and an inventory of College property.
  • Note any damages on the RCR and collect the resident's key(s).
  • Sign and have the resident sign the RCR.
  • Give the resident a copy of the RCR.

A final inspection will be done at a later date by a Residential Life Professional Staff member; final assessment of the campus residence condition for billing purposes will be done at that time.


All students are provided keys to access their campus residence. It is a residents responsibility to carry keys and lock their campus residence at all times. If the keys are lost or stolen, the Offices of Public Safety and Residential Life should be notified immediately. The minimum cost of a lock change is $35.00. This includes a new lock core and one key per resident. Students may not duplicate College keys or loan/give their campus residence key(s) to any other individual for any purpose. All keys must be returned to the appropriate staff when a resident moves or checks out of a residence.

Damage to Campus Residence

Residents are responsible for damages to their campus residence which are not the result of normal usage. At the time of check in, all residents should make sure the Residence Condition Report (RCR) form is accurately completed and returned to the appropriate Residential Life Staff. During the academic year, it is the residents' responsibility to submit Work Requests for any necessary repairs to their campus residence. At check out time the campus residence will be checked in detail by the Residential Life staff using the RCR form that was submitted at Check-in and clean up and damage charges will be assessed and charged (if applicable).


Thanksgiving/Spring Breaks

  • Campus Residences are open (but with limited support services) for Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks.
  • Students with legitimate circumstances that require them to remain on campus for all or part of a break must register.
  • Break housing residents are permitted to have only break housing residents as guests, and may not have any overnight guests.

Winter Break

  • Campus Residences (Halls, Commons and College Apartments) are closed for Winter Break.
  • Students with legitimate circumstances that require them to remain on campus for all or part of break must request permission.
  • Break housing residents are permitted to have only break housing residents as guests, and may not have any overnight guests.

In advance of each break, expectations for properly closing a campus residence will be communicated to students via email and the Residential Life website, etc.

Failure to complete any/all of expectations for closing may result in the following fines for each individual resident of the campus residence:

Break Fine
Thanksgiving $15 (improper closing)
Spring $15 (improper closing)
Winter $25 (improper closing)
End of Year $50 (improper check out)
$50 (minimum for excessive cleaning)
$100 (minimum for hauling)

Housing Changes

During the fall and spring semesters an open housing change period is designated by the Office of Residential Life. Students wishing to make a housing change during this period (or any other time of the year) must coordinate the process through their RA, House Manager, RLC and/or appropriate Residential Life staff.

Unauthorized/undocumented moves are not permitted and the following procedures must be followed before moving to another campus residence:

  • Contact the appropriate professional staff (RA, RLC, House Manager) for approval and/or instructions.
  • Obtain, complete and return the Housing Change Authorization Form.
  • Meet with the appropriate staff to complete check out/check in procedures, which includes submitting an RCR for the new residence.
  • A check out can be considered improper, and a $50 fine levied, if these procedures are not followed.
  • All moves to a new residence must be completed within 5 days of the approval for a change.

Setting Up Rooms as "Combined Living Quarters"

Students sometimes wish to set up their rooms up as "Combined Living Quarters" (i.e., setting one room up as a living room and another as a bedroom), however, this is prohibited in all campus housing due to Fire Code and safety requirements. Rooms set up as "Combined Living Quarters" will be considered a violation of Room Regulation (RR) 6-1., must be corrected immediately, and residents may be subject to disciplinary action.

Health and Safety Inspections

Campus Residences will be inspected for health and safety policy compliance monthly. These inspections are conducted to check for fire and safety hazards and to evaluate the condition/cleanliness of the residence and furnishings. Inspection periods will be announced in advance. Inspections will be completed whether or not an occupant is present. Areas found to be substandard are documented and some types of hazards are immediately corrected by staff. Items that pose significant hazards may be immediately confiscated (i.e., candles, prohibited appliances, weapons, etc.). If noted problems are not resolved, the situation will be handled as a disciplinary matter. Violations of College and Residence Hall policy that may be observed during the inspection are also addressed through the disciplinary process to prevent reoccurrence of hazards.

Housing Lottery

Each spring the Office of Residential Life conducts a Housing Lottery to allow currently enrolled, returning residential students to select their housing for the upcoming academic year. Participation in the housing lottery for future housing assignments will depend on payment of an enrollment deposit and reconciliation of student account by an established deadline. Housing selection is determined by lottery numbers which are assigned randomly by a computer program and are grouped according to the number of credit hours earned at the end of the previous (fall) semester. Students with the lowest lottery number have priority for placement. Specific lottery information with dates, forms and instructions is distributed via campus email, campus postings and the Residential Life website in advance of the Lottery each spring.

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Campus Housing and Board (meal plan) costs are determined each spring for the upcoming academic year. For current cost of attendance, please see the Business Office Web page. The campus housing fee is non-refundable after the first day of classes if you remain an enrolled student. If you withdraw from the college, a refund is issued according to the Lycoming College Withdrawal Refund Policy.

Meal Plan Options

Resident students must participate in one of two meal plans. For more information about the meal plan options see Dining Services and to change a meal plan selection see the Meal Plan Policy.

Making Payments

Campus housing charges will be billed in July. Students who return a completed Housing Agreement after this time may not have these charges appear on their bill, but are still responsible for payment by an established deadline. If a bill is not paid by the deadline, campus residence assignments may be canceled. This cancellation will not change the Residency Policy.

For payment options and payment deadlines please contact the Business Office.