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Policies and Procedures

A variety of policies exist at Lycoming to protect individuals and property and we believe that each policy has a valid rationale. As a Lycoming student, you are responsible for abiding by all College policies.

  1. The Code of Student Conduct. These policies apply to all students, commuter and resident, in all areas of the campus (i.e. outside, residence halls, college apartments, offices and classrooms) and under some circumstances, off campus. This includes all alcohol related policies. Following an examination of the circumstances, violations are addressed through the College conduct process.
  2. Residence Hall Policies and Room Regulations. These policies, procedures and regulations apply to all residents and their guests, address expectations for behavior in campus housing and cover safety issues that affect people and College and/or personal property. Violations of these policies will be addressed through the Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Conditions of the Housing Agreement. In order to obtain housing, each year residents must complete a Housing Agreement online through WebAdvisor. Once completed, the Housing Agreement is binding for the entire academic year. By completing the Housing Agreement, students (and parents/guardians if student is under the age of 18) agree to abide by the Conditions of the Housing Agreement.
  4. Residency Policy. As a residential college all students are required to live in College housing all four years unless unless otherwise approved by the Office of the Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students.
  5. Meal Plan Policy. All residential students are required to participate in the College board plan all four years unless otherwise approved by the Office of the Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students.
  6. Loft Policy. The College does not rent, sell or set up lofts in student rooms. For students who wish to personalize their rooms through a student constructed loft.
  7. Special Housing Accommodation Request Procedure. Occasionally resident students have a need for special accommodations in their housing because of a medical condition. These procedures outline how to make a request for an accommodation.
  8. Request for Maintenance/Repairs. For routine or non-emergency maintenance/repairs to campus housing, residents are responsible for submitting an online Request for Maintenance/Repairs. Any emergency issues in campus housing should be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety at (570) 321-4911.

Questions about any policy, procedure or aspect of the disciplinary process can be directed to the Residential Life Office or the Office of the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students.