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Campus Housing Services

Custodial Services

The cleanliness of the residence halls is very important and custodial staff work diligently to insure that facilities are well kept and clean. During regular semesters, custodial staff maintain bathrooms and common areas in Residence Halls. Cleaning is done on a regular schedule which is posted on each floor. Residence Hall residents are responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms and emptying their trash/recyclables. In the Apartments and Commons, cleaning of all areas and emptying of trash and recyclables is the sole responsibility of the residents.

Questions or concerns about the custodial services in a Residence Hall or Apartment can be directed to the RA, House Manager or RLC for the floor/building, the Office of Residential Life or the Buildings & Grounds Department.


During the winter/heating season a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit is established as the minimum comfort reading to be maintained in campus residences, classrooms, offices and administrative spaces. The College will make every effort possible to keep heating temperatures no lower than 68 degrees. For non-emergency heating issues a Request for Maintenance/Repairs form must be submitted. Buildings and Grounds staff will record room temperature and corrective action will be taken if temperatures do not meet College standards. Please note it is important to keep all furniture/other items at least twelve (12) inches from heaters/radiators so proper air flow is achieved to maintain room temperature, keep windows fully closed when the heat is on, and dress appropriately for the season/temperature.

Identification Cards

Each student is issued a photo ID. This card is used for keyless access to various campus buildings, including Residence Halls and The Commons. College Dining Services utilizes this ID for dining hall entry and charges at Jack's or 1812 Cafe in Pennington. It is also used for charges to the student account in the Campus Store. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety.


Each residence hall is equipped with "App operated" washers and dryers which are located in one or more laundry rooms. Apartment/Commons residents also have access to a centrally located laundry area.

Laundry Machines

  • Machines are a mixture of top-load & front-loading and energy-efficient.
  • Residents are asked to purchase liquid laundry detergent with "he" (high efficiency) on the label.
  • For issues with the laundry machines, including the laundry app, residents are encouraged to contact Caldwell Gregory.


  • At the start of fall semester, each resident receives a laundry account on the app "Speed Queen" which is programmed with $120 of credit which is to be used for the entire year. Each resident will be charged a $40 laundry fee per semester.
  • If a resident uses all of the credit on their account, s/he is welcome to add credit using the "Speed Queen" app. 
  • If a resident's laundry credit left over at the end of the spring semester, that credit is not carried over to the academic year.
  • For more information vistit:

Linens and Gift Packages

The Residential Life office partners with Dormify to offer university-approved merchandise for campus living, gifting, and special campus occasions, including move-in, graduation, and more. Visit them here:


Students who are locked out of a residence hall/room must contact Office of Public Safety to be admitted.

Mail Service

Resident students are assigned a mailbox with a combination lock for the mailroom area in Wertz Hall. For additional information about how to receive and send mail see campus Mail Services.


The College provides maintenance and repair services throughout the residence halls and Apartments. Residents who have a maintenance request or other concern regarding the physical upkeep of a room/apartment, must complete a student work request for maintenance/repairs. Emergency maintenance problems should be referred immediately to the Residential Life Office (during business hours) or the Department of Public Safety (after business hours or on weekends.)

Residential Computing

All residence halls and select College Apartments are fully wired for our Residential Computing Program (ResNet). Students living in the residence halls can access any Internet based resource from his/her room on a 24 hour a day 7 day a week basis via our Ethernet network (ResNet) after online registration. See Campus Manager for information and to register your computer. Any questions should be directed to the Office of Information Technology Services.


Long-term storage facilities are not available in campus residences. For those interested in long-term/summer storage near campus, the Office of Residential Life has compiled a list of Local Storage facilities and Truck Rental Companies that parents/students may wish to contact.

Vending And Laundry Services

The College provides vending and laundry machines for resident use in each residence hall and in a central location for Apartment/Commons residents. Inoperative or malfunctioning laundry units should be reported promptly by phoning Caldwell Gregory at 1-800-927-9274; problems with vending machines should be reported to the Business Office.