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Lycoming College Wertz Scholars Program

The Wertz Scholars program is named for President D. Frederick Wertz, who served Lycoming College from 1955 to 1968. As one of the College’s most influential leaders, President Wertz established Lycoming as a modern residential college in the tradition of the liberal arts during his tenure. Under Wertz’s leadership, the foundational concepts of depth and breadth came to define the curriculum and many of the residence halls on the current campus were constructed.

Students selected for the Wertz Scholars program demonstrate a record of superior academic achievement in high school, are in the top 10% of their high school class, and show promise of continued excellence at Lycoming College, including a strong interest in completing high-impact enhanced academic experiences such as global education programs, summer internships, and student-faculty research collaborations through the College’s Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences.

In addition to the student’s traditional merit scholarship, Wertz Scholars receive:

  • A Wertz Enhanced Academic Experience Award of up to $5,000 to complete an enhanced academic experience during the sophomore, junior, or senior year
  • Optional first-year housing in the Wertz Scholars Residential Community
  • Wertz Program mentors
  • Periodic dinners with the Provost, Dean of the College, and Career Advisors where post-graduate and career opportunities are discussed
  • Senior Wertz Scholars dinner with the President of the College

Wertz Scholars Program Eligibility

Eligible students must apply and be admitted to Lycoming College by February 1. Upon admission, eligible students will receive an invitation from Lycoming’s President to interview.

For more information on the Lycoming College Wertz Scholars Program, please call or email Dr. Susan M. Ross, Dean of the College, in the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences at 570-321-4602 or

Meet Our Wertz Scholars

Abigail Traxler '23

Abigail Traxler '23

Business Administration Major
Entrepreneurship Minor

Westminster Business School
London, England

"Studying abroad was the most life-changing experience I've ever had. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, taught me to be more independent, widened my worldview, and gave me unforgettable memories."

Mariah Rovenolt '23

Mariah Rovenolt '23

Spanish Major
Anthropology Minor

Estudio Sampere
Madrid, Spain

"My study abroad in Spain allowed me to meet new friends from all over the world and have experiences I will never forget. I strengthened my confidence, independence, and skills in spoken Spanish, and the people were warm and accepting. I can't wait to go back."

Madison Wineburg '23

Madison Wineburg '23

Criminal Justice Major
Psychology Minor

Internship with Phoenixville Police Department

"This internship allowed me to gain experience in the criminal justice field and opened my eyes to police work! I created amazing relationships with many personnel within the department which allowed me to get the most out of this experience!"

Sylphrena Kleinsasser '23

Sylphrena Kleinsasser '23

Computational Physics & Applied Computer Science Majors
Chemistry Minor

Cornell Laboratory for Accelarator-Based Sciences and Education
2022 REU Program

"My favorite part of my research is the ability to collaborate and work with peers in a physical setting. As a senior, much of my academic career has been inhibited by the pandemic. I've enjoyed virtual conferences and summer research, but it feels great to engage with my peers face-to-face."