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Cost of Attendance Components

In order to determine a student’s financial aid eligibility, an estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) for financial aid applicants must be established. A combination of the following applicable components is used to determine the COA for Lycoming students for the 2024-2025 academic year. The applicable components are determined by the student’s enrollment status (full-time /part-time), year in college, housing status (on campus / off campus), and dependency status.

Direct Costs: Costs billed to students by the College

Type Yearly Per semester
*Tuition Costs (12 to 16 credits per semester) $49,024 $24,512
Food & Housing (on campus students)
Dependent or Independent student
Living Expenses Average Cost
$14,932 $7,466
First-Year Student Fee (one-time fee for new first year student, charged the semester the student begins enrollment) $225
Commuter Fees (includes activity fee of $200 and technology fee of $300 – full-time students only) $500 $250
Resident Student Fees (activity fee of $200, a technology fee of $450, laundry fee of $80 – full-time students only) $780 $390
Health Insurance (charged in the fall semester and student is insured for the year. Charge for spring only enrollment is $816. May be waived with proof of adequate insurance). $1,349

Indirect Costs: Not billed by the College. These are estimates only and may vary for each student

Type Yearly Per semester
Living Expenses Commuter Dependent Student living with parent(s) $5,590 $2,795
Living Expenses Commuter Dependent Student not living with parent $12,270 $6,135
Living Expenses Independent Off Campus $15,480 $7,740
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment $1,200 $600
Transportation $1,200 $600
Miscellaneous personal expenses $1,000 $500
Average Federal Stafford Loan fee (if borrowing) $70 $35

*Tuition charges for less than full-time students (enrolled in less than 12 credits) are charged on a per credit basis. The per credit charge is $1,532. Lycoming scholarships and grants are not available for students who are less than full-time. Credits in excess of 16 (referred to as an overload) are also charged on a per credit basis of $1,532. Grants and scholarships are not increased for overload charges.