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Special and/or Unusual Circumstances

Students should be aware that the College has the authority per the U.S. Department of Education to exercise professional judgement on a case by case basis with regard to special or unusual circumstances students may encounter.

Through exercising professional judgement, the aid office may be able to help students become eligible for additional financial assistance.

  • Special Circumstances refer to financial situations (loss of a job, death of a wage earner, excessive medical expenses, etc.) that justify the aid administrator adjusting data elements in the Cost of Attendance (COA) or in the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC).
  • Unusual Circumstances refer to the conditions that justify the aid administrator making an adjustment to a student’s dependency status based on a unique situation (e.g., human trafficking, refugee or asylee status, parental abandonment, incarceration, etc.), more commonly referred to as a dependency override.

A student may have both a special circumstance and an unusual circumstance. The Lycoming College financial aid office may make adjustments that are appropriate to each student’s situation with appropriate documentation.