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Student Employment Guidelines

All students at Lycoming College are eligible to work on campus, however, supervisors are encouraged to hire students with Federal Work Study awards.

Policies for individual departments are made at the discretion of the supervisor. There are, however, several guidelines that every student worker should be aware of:


Dress codes are dependent on the work required and are determined by the supervisor. Students should always use good hygiene and maintain a well-groomed appearance.


Offices that utilize student workers depend on them to do the assigned work. Students who accept a position as a student worker have a responsibility to work their arranged hours. The following guidelines should be observed:

  • Be on time for work
  • If you must be late or absent, inform you supervisor immediately
  • In an emergency situation, call your supervisor as soon as possible
  • Follow the procedures for locating a substitute worker if such a policy exists
  • Make up time for excused absences is at the discretion of the supervisor

Supervisors may dismiss a student for incurring unexcused absences or lateness.


Student workers may have access to sensitive material. It is imperative that confidentiality and discretion are maintained at all times. Any breach of confidentiality may be cause for dismissal from employment. You should not:

  • discuss departmental issues outside of the department
  • discuss information about other students
  • remove or reproduce files for use outside the workplace

Student workers are also expected to be completely accurate with their time sheets. Misreporting of hours on a time sheet may be cause for immediate dismissal from employment. Any forging or alternation of time sheets by a student is a violation of the Honesty Code and students found guilty are subject to maximum penalty.

Public Relations

Student workers are representatives of the college. It is important to remember this when dealing with members of or visitors to the campus community. Follow the instructions of your supervisor when dealing with visitors to your department.


Training may be informal sessions during your scheduled hours or it may be formal, arranged sessions held at scheduled times during the year. Supervisors are responsible for providing adequate training to student workers. Student workers are responsible for attending training sessions and participating fully in the learning process. It is essential that students are competent in their positions.