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Student Employment - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the pay rate for an on-campus position verses an off-campus community service position?

A: Students employed on-campus and students employed at an off-campus non-profit agency are paid the federal minimum wage.

Q: How many hours do students work each week?

A: The main thing to remember is that a part-time job should be just part-time. Balancing academics and campus involvement is an individualized process and may take a couple of weeks to figure out. Students involved in the student employment program work an average of 8-9 hours per week. Students may not work more than 20 hours per week.

Q: Can I work on campus if I do not qualify for Federal Work Study?

A: Employers are encouraged to hire students with Federal Work Study awards. However, students who have not been awarded Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid package are not restricted from working on campus.

Q: How do I find a job on campus?

A: There are many offices on campus and several off-campus agencies (if you qualify for Federal Work Study) that provide opportunities for students to enhance their skills while making a little extra cash. Check out the job opportunities posted on the Lycoming College's Student Employment Job Board.

Q: What types of jobs are available on campus?

A: Student workers assist faculty, staff and administrators in a variety of ways. Many offices utilize student workers for clerical support and tasks such as filing, copying, answering phones and distributing mail. Jobs are available in everything from food service to community service. A complete list of available jobs can be found on Lycoming College's Student Employment Job Board.

Q: What are community service jobs?

A: Lycoming students work in many local not-for-profit agencies such as Habitat for Humanity, the James V. Brown Library, North Penn Legal Services, The Center, and Thomas T. Taber Museum just to name a few. For a student to be eligible to participate in a community service job the student must qualify for federal work study. Please check with the Financial Aid Office prior  to interviewing for a community service job to see if you qualify for this program.

Q: If I work on campus can I still hold a community service job?

A: No. Due to limited funding students who are employed on campus are not eligible to hold a paid community service position and vice versa.

Q: Will my paycheck go directly to my student account?

A: No. Your pay is directly deposited into your bank account on a bi-weekly basis. It is not a direct credit to your student account. Most students use their earnings for spending money or personal expenses.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Both the student and the student's supervisor should keep a record of the hours worked and record the time on a time sheet. Hours are then logged on WebAdvisor by the student and approved by the supervisor by the appropriate date. Hours submitted after the deadline will be accepted but not processed until the next payroll is run.

Q: Are my wages taxed?

A: Depending on the amount of your total earnings, you may or may not be subject to federal income taxes. State Income and City Wage taxes will be withheld.

Q: Can I be fired?

A: Yes. When it comes to performance, the same criteria are applied to student employment as are applied to any category of labor. Participants are directly responsible to their supervisor for punctual, regular, and efficient performance. Supervisors must be notified in advance of any absence. Failure to provide satisfactory performance will result in the loss of your job. Students who are dismissed by their supervisor may be jeopardizing their eligibility for inclusion in the student employment program in the future.