Planning your arrival for the upcoming semester? Our top tips to get ready to use technology on campus:

  1. All residence halls have Ethernet connections available; if you want to use the jack in your room, you will need an Ethernet cable. Wireless internet access is available in all residence halls.
  2. Make note of any product keys/license keys for software you have installed on your computer, in case you need to reinstall it later in the semester. (This may save a call home to ask someone to find it for you when you are at school.)
  3. Make note of your computer’s warranty status and end date. Lycoming’s IT Services does not perform hardware repairs on student computers, but many students find that a hardware issue can be covered by the computer’s existing warranty.
  4. Bringing a television? There is no cable on campus, so make sure you have appropriate equipment that can stream from a streaming service.
  5. Connect your email account to the email app on your phone, so that you see messages as they arrive. Your Lycoming email is the official means of communication from the College, so you don’t want to miss out on any important information.
  6. Purchasing software or hardware? Be sure to check out the discounts available for Lycoming students. Microsoft Office 365 is available for our students to download for free.