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Print credits and per page pricing

Students begin each semester with a $50 print credit, and actual usage is charged against this credit. Pricing per page is as follows:

Type Cost
B&W single-sided $.05 per page
B&W duplex $.10 per page
Color single-sided $.12 per page
Color duplex $.24 per page

If a student exceeds the semester print credit, then he/she will be billed for actual usage above the credit.

Checking your print count

Students can manage their personal printing here: (Note that this is accessible only from the campus network. If you are off-campus, you will need to connect to the VPN first.)

Log in with your Lycoming username and password to access print balances, see the environmental impact of pages printed, request a refund for pages that did not print, and delete print jobs that are no longer needed. 

Printing to public printers

Networked color, multifunction printers (MFPs) are available for student use in every computer lab and in the library. Additionally, there are MFPs located in Jack’s Corner in the Wertz Student Center, in Pennington Lounge in the Academic Center and in the Lynn Science Center. Print jobs sent to a network printer can be retrieved at the printer with your student ID.

To print to networked printers:

  1.  Select one of the following printers.

    • LycoBW on LYCOPRINT (for black and white-only pages)

    • LycoColor on LYCOPRINT (for color pages)

  2. At the printer, scan your ID with the small, black card scanner attached to the printer, or enter your login information on the printer’s screen.

  3. Select Print Release on the printer screen.  It will show you the print jobs you have pending.  Select one or more jobs to release for printing.

Note:  the print server will store print jobs until you release them.  If you do not release the print job within 24 hours of sending it to the print server, it will expire.  You will not be charged for pages that you do not release at a networked printer.

MFPs also feature scan-to-email and copy functions that are accessible with student IDs. Copies made on these machines are charged at the same rates listed above for printing. There is no charge to student accounts for scanned pages.

Find Me Printing from your own computer

Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point) and PDFs can be sent from your personal computer to the print server via the web. This feature is also supported on tablets, smartphones and other devices via a browser or the Mobility Print for PaperCut app.

To utilize Find Me Printing:

  • Log in to (Note that this is accessible only from the campus network. If you are off-campus, you will need to connect to the VPN first.)
  • Select Web Print from the menu on the left.
  • Click on the Select Job link.
  • Select a print queue; choose either LycoBW on LYCOPRINT(black and white pages)orLycoColor on LYCOPRINT (color pages).
  • Click on Print Options and Account Selection.
  • Select the number of copies to print.  The default is one copy.
  • Click on Upload Documents, and then either drag your file into the box that appears, or click on Upload from Computer.
  • Click on Upload and Complete.  Your print job will be sent to the print server, and you can release it with your ID at any public printer with a card reader attached to it.  Jobs are stored until you release them at the printer, up to 24 hours.