Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Emergency Preparedness

The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of utmost importance to the College. The Department of Public Safety provides 24-hour security services to the campus seven days a week, including holidays. Located in the south end, lower level of Rich Hall, the Public Safety staff consists of a full-time Director of Public Safety, four full-time supervisors and six full-time Public Safety officers, one full-time Administrative Assistant and several part-time Student Safety Aides.

Lycoming College’s Department of Public Safety utilizes a “Community Policing” model that encourages ongoing personal contact with members of the campus community. This approach includes walking through residence halls and buildings on a regular basis, public safety officer contact, and vehicle and foot patrol of College property.

Our Department of Public Safety encourages everyone to be involved in their own safety. A truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff. The potential for crime on campus does exist. We should assume a personal responsibility by taking precautions to prevent ourselves from being a victim of crime.


Lycoming College Department of Public Safety maintains a close professional working relationship with the City of Williamsport Bureau of Police and the Lycoming County Emergency Services. The Lycoming College Department of Public Safety has the ability to monitor radio transmissions of the Lycoming County Emergency Services which includes EMS, City Police and Fire. In the event of a 911 call to the Lycoming County Emergency Management Agency (911 Center) which requires Emergency Medical Services, Fire or Police Department Response, the 911 Center notifies the College via telephone to the Public Safety Department so our Public Safety Staff can respond immediately.

Communications with the college community are an important part of Lycoming’s safety plan. In accordance with the federal Clery Act, the college issues timely safety alerts as needed about crimes or security situations that may pose a risk to members of the college community. Students are notified about campus safety issues via e-mail, posted alerts, and word of mouth by staff including the Residential Life staff.

The College's RAVE Mobile Alert system enhances our ability to communicate with students in a timely manner in the event of a campus-wide emergency. The RAVE Mobile Alert systems a service where, in the event of a campus-wide emergency, registered participants receive a text message to their cell phone indicating the nature of the event provided they have emergency messaging capabilities. All persons with a Lycoming email will be registered automatically. Registration for this service through is required.

Campus Resource Team

In the event of a major emergency on campus, the College will convene its Emergency Resource Team, composed of senior and mid-level administrators to address issues that may impact the College. Lycoming College has developed emergency protocols to serve as a reference source for primary and secondary responders to campus emergencies. While these protocols do not cover every conceivable situation, they provide the basic administrative guidelines necessary to address most campus emergencies.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Resource Team / Contact Information

(* Secondary Response Personnel)

Team Member Department Office Phone
Dr. Kent Trachte President - Emergency Director (570) 321-4101
Dan Miller Vice President for Student Life - Emergency Coordinator (570) 321-4039
- Associate Dean of Students (570) 321-4399
- Director of Public Safety (570) 321-4064
Phil Sprunger Provost and Dean of the Faculty (570) 321-4102
Jason Barauskas Director of Residential Life (570) 321-4246
Jeff Bennett Vice President for Finance and Administration (570) 321-4029
Doug Kuntz Director of Physical Plant (570) 321-4116
Misty Palmatier Director of Counseling Services (570) 321-4258
*Stephanie Fortin Assistant Director of Counseling Services (570) 321-4332
Emily Dudkin Director - Health Services (570) 321-4322
Dawn Williams Controller (570) 321-4022
Susan Ross Dean of the College (570) 321-4204
*John Shaffer Grounds and General Labor Supervisor (570) 321-4148
Dave Lantz Assistant Director of Physical Plant (570) 321-4232
*Steve Thomas Electrical Supervisor (570) 321-4171
Kacy Hagan Director of Human Resources (570) 321-4309
Rob Dunkleberger Chief Information Officer (570) 321-4278
Lori Ulmer IT Service Center (570) 321-4150

Emergency Telephone Listing

*NOTE: All Emergencies may be reported by calling 911.

Department Office Phone
Public Safety Emergency Line (570) 321-4911
Lycoming County Communications 911
Lycoming College Switchboard Operator 0
Public Safety Department (570) 321-4064
Residential Life Office (570) 321-4046
Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students (570) 321-4039
Building and Grounds (570) 321-4274
Health Services (570) 321-4052
President’s Office (570) 321-4101
Vice President for Finance and Administration (570) 321-4029
Provost and Dean of the Faculty (570) 321-4038
College Relations (570) 321-4137
Public Safety dedicated analog line (570) 321-4161
UPMC Susquehanna Emergency Room (570) 321-1000
Poison Control Center/Williamsport Hospital (570) 321-1000
National Poison Center Hotline 1-800-222-1222
Domestic Violence-YWCA Wise Options (570) 323-8167
AIDS Factline-PA Dep’t of Health 1-800-662-6080
Alcoholics Anonymous ALATeen (570) 327-2860
Narcotics Anonymous (570) 327-2678
Drug and Alcohol Hotline 1-800-252-6465
Suicide Hotline (570) 326-7895
Crime Victims Compensation Board 1-800-233-2339
American Red Cross Lycoming County Chapter (570) 326-9131

Additional Resources