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Honors Papers Archive

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Author Title
Abdullah, Hadiyah R. Black Doves (2007)
Allard, Carl Kenneth, Jr. The Gap in Reverse Communications in British Politics(1969)
Allegretto, Kari A. The Ancient Cupid and Bacchus in Renaissance Art (2011)
Allison, Angela Touch of Fire: Poems (2008)
Anderman, Nancy Development of Federalism: 1754 - 1787 (1971)
Atkinson, Amy The Differences in Theoretical Approaches to Patient Care Between Baccalaureate and Associate  Degree Senior Nursing Students (1992)
Bandhu, Harshita The Impact Of COVID-19 On Pay Gap Between Native- And Foreign-Born Medical Workers In The US (2023)
Barkell, Gillian Evaluating the Role of Dopamine in Caffeine-Induced Increases in Alcohol Consumption (2019)
Bartlett, Kim Open-ended Attributes for the Performance of the Elderly (1986)
Barthlow, Deanna L. Affective Empathic Responding: The Effect of Social Distance Induced Through the Use of Mental Illness Labels (1996)
Battyanyi, Jessica Characterization of Early Purkinje Neuron Processes in Mouse Cerebella (2017)
Beck, Kimberly R. Stress Levels and Types of Stressors in Traditional and Nontraditional Baccalaureate Nursing Students (1992)
Becker, Elisa La literatura de la Guerra Civil Espanola (2012)
Bell, Kiyah Isolation and Characterization of Carotenoids in Pedobacter and Roseopedobacter gen. nov. (2022)
Bennett, Jessica L. The Isolation, Cloning, and Phylogenetic Analysis of Formyglycinamide Ribonecleotide Amidotransferase (2007)
Benoit, Robert Richard An Experimental Investigation of High Temperature Superconductors (2004)
Bernstorf, Christopher Asphalt Pews: Hymns from the Suburbs (2012)
Best, Kathy L. Urban Renewal in Williamsport - 1961 to 1976: Progress and Participation or Empty Promises? (1994)
Black, Jason M. Interactive Enviroments: The Design and Implementation of a Terrain Simulator and Development Toolkit (2005)
Black, Theresa A Comparison of Leaf Processing Rates and Fungal Biomass of Native and Invasive Species (2005)
Bloch, Katrina From Closet to Classroom: Student Perceptions of Homosexuality Issues in College Education (2002)
Bowman, Ruric Vertical migration of adult Plecoptera (stoneflies) above forested headwater streams (2020)
Breslin, Jeannie M. A Comparison of Initiation and Continuation of Smoking in the High School Student (1991)
Brown, Adam R. Developing Selective Medium for Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Isolation: Field Collection, Attempted Isolation And Reagent Testing (2006)
Brown, Debra A. Attitudes of Registered Nurses and Student Nurses Toward the Geriatric Client  (1990)
Buck, Ashley A. The Relationship Between Knowledge of Pain Management and Pain Assessment Documentation (2000)
Byerly, Chase Exploring BioAB: An Enzyme Involved in the Biosynthesis of Biotin (2022)
Campbell, Ashley M. Purkinje neuron dendrite structure: Regulation by the MAP and PI-3 kinase pathways (2007)
Care, Gregory P. American Religious Liberties in the 21st Century: Maintaining the Wall in a Turbulent Age (2002)
Carr, Lindsey M. Carr Fractals and Convergence of Sequence of Sets (2003)
Cascino, Doris M. The Effects of Low Dose X-Irradiation on Hematopoiesis in the Bone Marrow of the Laboratory Mouse (1992)
Castillo, Josemar Syntheses and Structural Determination of New Soluble transition-Metal Selenides with Phosphine Ligands (2006)
Chenoweth, Megan C. The Effects of Ginkgo Bilobas and Docosahexaenoic Acid on the Memory of Mice (2002)
Cherres, Hanna La literatura ecuatoriana del siglo XX/ Ecuadorian Literature of the 20 Century (2022)
Cicconi, Kellie M. Acinetobacter piperi MAG sp. nov., isolated from Loyalsock Creek, Williamsport, PA (2007)
Cimini, Katharine L. The Effect of Self-Esteem on Attitude-Behavior Consistency (1990)
Clark, Shawn G. The Effect of Isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG) and Methyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside (MG) on Escherichia coli B-Galactosidase Productions and Growth on Lactose (1992)
Clayworth, Tracey The Importance of Women's Rights Issues in the League of Women Voters (2000)
Clouser, Morgan Theories of Consciousness and the Evolutionary Origins of Consciousness (2023)
Colin, Allen Description of Lycobacterium gen. nov. and Noelibacterium gen. nov. and description of 17 novel species within these new genera (2021)
Collins, Sarah In the Midst of Corporate Fraud: History, Legislative Responses and the Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley (2012)
Conrad, Ben Reformation of the Heart: The Cyclical Nature of Reformation in the Christian Church (2019)
Cook, Jonathan M. Analysis of FGAR amidotransferase in Rhizobium etli (1997)
Cullen, Lucille Using Magnesium and TPPA to Create Carbon-Carbon Bonds (2020)
Davinsizer, Joshua A Comparison Between Apollonius of Tyana and Jesus of Nazareth (2012)
DeAngelo, Caitlin M. Synthesis of Medium-Ring Heterocycles via Chelation-Assisted Intramolecular Hydroacylation (2013)
Decker, Lindsay Gender and Moral Authority in the Carolingian Age (2016)
DeMar, Kayla Pensions and Other Post Retirement Benefits: History, Characteristics, Accounting Methodology, Reform and Future Impact (2013)
Demarest, Megan Inmate Misconduct and Prison Visitations: An Examinations of Gendered Infractions in Relation to Types of Visitors (2017)
Detwiler, Lynn Marie Cradling the Fiasco (2011)
DiRocco, Daniel A. Rhodium Catalyzed Hydroacylation: Synthesis of Biologically Active Benzothiepinones(2007)
DiRocco, Donna The Effect of the Color Red on Test Anxiety and Academic Achievement (2012)
Dobson, Susan L. Quality of Men's Relationships with Sisters and Its Association with Rape Myth Acceptance(1994)
Dougherty, Tina M. Obstetric Patient Satisfaction with Discharge Teaching in Relation to Length of Hospitalization, Parity, and Type of Delivery Among Multiple Institutions (1997)
Driscoll, Brian R. County Level Data Analysis: An Economic Study of Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan and Tioga Counties in Northcentral Pennsylvania (2003)
Eagen, Gretchen Ann A Study of Grade Expectation versus Actual Performance on Examinations (1982)
Eakin, Karen J. Alzheimer's Disease, Nonpharmacologicla Care and the Environment (1995)
Emerick, Erin The Varieties of Political Experience: Women and the American Revolution (2020)
Esmat, Maryam Multi-Messenger Constraints on the Galactic Electron Density (2021)
Etter, Jason James The Analysis and Directions of the Play Blue Window by Craig Lucas (2003)
Fahey, Lindsay C. Tongue Piercings' Effects on Sensitivity to Salt and Sucrose (2004)
Failor, KC The Characterization of Flavobacteriaceae using Multilocus Sequencing Typing (2011)
Farrell, David Michael The Absorption Spectrum of Praseodymium Iodide (1973)
Feldbauer, Mikayla Automated Analysis of Grooming Behavior in Drosophila Using EthoVision XT (2020)
Farrell, Rita C. Time Budgets of the Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinesis) (1998)
Fetterolf, Michelle Faulkner's Idealizers and Fixators: Their Susceptibility to Destruction by the Past (1988)
Figlerski, Robert A Rational-Emotive Approach for Improving Work Performance in a Prison Population Involved with a Community Treatmen Program (1979)
Firman, Carrie C. Serial Photography and Web Presentation (2005)
Fischer, Kirsten Genome Analysis and Classification of Novel Species Flavobacterium gabrieli KJJ (2016)
Fisher, Cheryl R. A Comparison of Occupational Stress Between ICU and Non-ICU Nurses in a Hospital Setting (1990)
Flayhart, William H. III A History of the Origins and Development of the American Line, 1873-1895. (1966)
Fleck, Sarah L. It's Not All About Sunday Morning: Religiosity and Religious Belief in Public Opinion (2008)
Fogt, Sanna Art Imitates Life: The Life & Novels of Anna Maria Bennett (2018)
Forbes, Rebecca Alumni Giving: How Does Gender Matter? (2019)
Forsht, Gayle Sources of Stress of Mothers with Children Hospitalized (1998)
Frantz, Devin Isolating a species of bacteria capable of degrading an unusual carbon source (2018)
Fries, Jennifer L. The Effect of Parental Eye Color on the Tendency of Students to Respond to Pupil Size (1987)
Gale, Andrew Validation of Reciprocal Orthology Score Average (ROSA) Through Comparison With Other Genomic Metrics and Traditional Phenotypic Methods (2015)
Galka, Amy Mae The Use of Amides as Substrates in Radical Cycliation Reactions (2000)
Georgy, Matthew F. The Construction of Blue Fluorescent Protein (1998)
Gramley, Lynn E. The Acceptability of Behavior Modification in Business (1993)
Greene, Deanne M. Amplification, Cloning, Expression, and Purification of purQ gene from Staphylococcus aureus; along with an evolutionary study of the multi-subunit form of the FGAR amidotransferase enzyme using bioinformatics (2000)
Grosso, Ryan A. Upgrading the Lycoming College Vacuum Chamber for Production of an Electron Beam and the Study of Charged Particle Dynamics (2010) 
Guminski, Timothy J. II "Me, Myself, and I": An Analysis of the Use of First Person in Scholarly Articles (2015)
Ham, Rachel Food in Medieval Iberia: Constructing Boundaries through Foodways (2018)
Hannum, Courtney Genetic Analysis of Spontaneous Grooming Behavior in the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster (2017)
Hanson, Maxwell Eviction Moratoria and Their Effect on Covid-19 Transmission (2022)
Harris, Jan Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Particulate Air Pollutants (1977)
Heisey, Colleen M. White-tailed Deer Management at Montour Preserve (1999)
Herman, Michelle An Assessment of Native and Non-Native Crayfish Populations in Six Tributaries  of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River (2012)
Heyd, Mark L. The Use of Pumice to Harvest DNA from Agarose Gels (1995)
Hipple, Caleb Rugged Pennsylvanians: Poems
Hipple, Kaitlyn Learner Motivation & Influential Factors in a Longitudinal Study
Hocke, Christine L. Color Intensity preference and its relation to differential territory defense in the filed cricket, Acheta pennsylvania, and the domestic cricket, Acheta domesticas (1990)
Hoff, Jae More than Just a Woman's Choice: The Complexities of Family Planning and Knowledge about the Zika Virus in the Dominican Republic (2017)
Holmes, Michael Neuropsychology: A Study of the Discipline's History (1998)
Holmes, Nathan T. The Effects of Rosgen Style Trout Habitat (2004)
Holsworth, Kathy A Study in Crystallography (1972)
Hostelley, Timothy Sequencing, Assembly, and Annotation of the Kaistella koreensis Genome and Comparison to Closely Related Organisms (2013)
Hunt, Charles A Field Experiment on Pro-Social Nudges: The Snowballing Problem (2023)
Huth, Taylor South Korean Popular Music Industry: Globalization of Identity and Exploitation (2021)
Huynh, Nguyen Khoi Asia Pacifism: The Kantian Peace and the Roles of Regional Inter-Governmental Organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region (2017)
Igou, Tanya R. Conventional and Nonconventional Shifts: Comparing the quality of Nursing Care (1996)
Jacobs, Heather E. Detritus Processing of Four Species of Leaves in Three North-Central PA Streams (1998)
Jacobs, Kathy Effects of glucose concentration on myoblast differentiation, muscle fiber composition and CB1 receptor expression (2014)
Jameson, Joelle Ambassadors to Isolation (2008)
Jenkins, Boone Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of an Adapted Family-Based Eating Disorder Treatment (2020)
Jhugaroo, Soojay A Quantitative Analysis of Exoplanetary Databases (2023)
Johnson, Melody Three Hard Misses to Fifteen Kisses (2011)
Jones, Jazmin The Nature of Female Rulership in the Classic Maya: ALS Burial 128 (2020)
Justice, Michael R. N-Iodosuccinimide Mediated Oxidative Decaboxylation of Carboxylic Acids (1989)
Kaczmarczyk, Joseph M. The Physiological Evaluation of a New Analog of the Tropane Alkaloids (1974)
Kanjorski, Jeanne Sexist Humor and Its Relationship to Males' Attitudes Toward Rape (1994)
Keane, Joseph Investigation of Samarium Diiodide as a Reagent for the Formation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds (1998)
Kellichner, Michael Medicine Wheel (2008)
Kephart, Bruce L. The Use of a Diamond Anvil Cell for Spectroscopic and Electrical Conductivity Studies of Some Semiconductors (1977)
King, Carli Sholl Analysis of Purkinje Cell Morphology Using MetaMorph Software (2019)
Klahre, Teresa J. Assessment of the Knowledge and Attitude of Seventh Grade Students Regarding AIDS (1998)
Kleinsasser, Sylphrena PyBot, A Remote Controlled Robot built with Python and RaspberryPi (2023)
Klinger, Andrew Effects and Relationships of Stream Hydrology, T.D.S and Passive CPOM Retention on the Detrial Communities of Three North Central PA Streams (2000)
Klinger, Ellen Assesing the Carrying Capacity of the Whitetailed Deer Herd at Rider Park, Lycoming County (2000)
Konopta, Emily Novel Moraxella species isolated from clinical cases of ocular infection (2021)
Kramer, Emilie Control of Purkinje Neuron Dendrite Development by the MAP Kinase and PI3 Kinase Signaling Pathways (2018)
Kramer, Lynn Darden Physiological Characterization of a New Tropane Analog: 3-benzyl-1,5-diphenyl-9,3-oxazatricycle(,4)nonan-7-one (1972)
Kratzer, Jud The Effects of Trout Habitat Restoration and the Cessation of Stocking on Big Bear Creek (2000)
Krebs, Jordan E. Purification and Molecular Structure Determination of Flexirubin Pigments from Chryseobacterium (2013)
Kushlan, Amy Using Reinforcement Learning to Create Optimal Tax Policies (2022)
Kyte, Angela R. An Analysis of Five Theories and Cold War Origins (1972)
Lamade, Charles D. The Effects of Corticosterone Replacement Therapy on Levels of Spontaneous Activity in Rats Bearing Bilateral Ventromedial Hypothalamic Lesions (1975)
Landon, Jane Keyte The Story of Frederic Chopin (1955)
Lane, Amanda The Use of Fixed Film Media to Reduce Nutrient Levels in a Sequencing Batch Reactor (2009)
Lax, Allison Burning the Mask: A Story of OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (2020)
Leader, Jennifer E. The Cloning, Overexpression and Purification of the Human FGAR Amidotransferase Protein (2002)
Leathers, Todd W. Steps Towards the Synthesis of L-Ribose from D-Ribose (1990)
Lee, Kassandra Alcohol Consumption and College Adjustment among College Students by Generational Status (2014)
Lenhart, Amanda Celebrity to Stealth:
Supreme Court Nominations Across Time (2009)
Lesher, Shannon R. Caffeine, Mental Health, and Sleep Quality in Students: A Mediation Approach (2013)
LeVan Patricia L. Analysis of Polymorphic Chromosome Banding Patterns in BOS TAURUS (1980)
Likar, Jennifer Role of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae in Acute Bronchitis (1992)
Lubas, Elenore The Yellow Wallpaper (1995)
Ludwig, Mary Beth Studies in Pigmentary Pattern Formation in the Broken-striped Newt, Notophthalmus viridescens dorsalis (1985)
Lundy, Daniel Characterization of SH-SY5Y Cells After Differentiation Using Retinoic Acid and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (2019)
Manikowski, Jesse Josef Exploration into the Novel Generation of Carbon Radicals (2004)
Marcello, David Thinking (1974)
Marchesani, Allie Queering the Nineteenth Century Brothel: Identity and Sensory Experience at 12 Orange Street in the Five Points (2022)
Marchetti, Melissa Chelation-Assisted Intramolecular Hydroacylation Catalyzed by Rhodum(I): Synthesis of Medium Rings (2000)
Marcinko, Tyler Identification and Characterization of of Sejongia lycomia JJC, a Unique Isolate from Loyalsock Creek (2008)
Mariano, Damian K. Characterization of a Potentially Novel Yersinia Species, Yersinia novum MAC (2010)
Marshall, Roberta Ann Journal Citations: A Method of Evaluating Introductory Psychology Textbook Content (1978)
Mastandrea, William Joseph The Bronx Age Thera Eruption: A Reconciliation of the Scientific, Archaeological and Literary Evidence of the Period (2014)
Maurer, Rebecca A. The Effects of Maternal Evaluative Feedback on the Mastery Motivation of Infants (2003)
Mazzullo, John Anthony Jr. The Synthesis of FGAR (N-Formylglycinamide Ribonuckeotide) on the Isolation and Amplification of the Human FGAR Amidotransferase cDNA (2000)
McDonald, Janet L. Observational Learning of Food Location by Rats (1992)
McGeorge, Anne The Gender of the Assailant and Victim as an Effect on the Perception of a Rape (1984)
McGillvray, Melany L. Disassembly of a Vacuum System for Mechanical Refurbishment (2007)
McLaughlin, Sean Genetic Analysis of Spontaneous Walking Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster (2018)
McMaster, Caroline Anxious Patriarchs: Forging American Identity through Violence during the American Revolution (2016)
McNoldy, Brian D. Planetary Atmospheric Dynamics (1998)
Melhorn, Jennifer An Examination of Popular and Gendered Responses to the Moynihan Report (2012)
Mello, Morgan Ceramic Circulation in Lower Egypt During the Middle Bronze Age (2019)
Menello, Ronald S. Earth's Climate System and Humankind's Role (1995)
Miers, Glenn L. Modern American Music (1953)
Miller, Bradley R. The Effects of Increased Plasma Homocysteine Levels on Murine Birth Rate (2008)
Miller, Jacob The Genomic, Phenotypic, and Immunologic Characterization of Flavobacterium fallonii sp. nov. (2017)
Miller, Sara Effects of Self Esteem on Homophobia in Heterosexual Males Comprehension (2011)
Monico, Jennifer Investigation of the ecological impact of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) on the riparian plant community and its potential use as a food source for macroinvertebrate (2016)
Morgan, Amanda Elaine Facial Familiarity as a Function of Age in a Religious Organization (1999)
Moyer, Jason J. Linguistic Study of Sumerian/Akkadian Cuneiform and Writings (1992)
Mukherjee, Sohini Parameter optimization of EthoVision XT® for automated quantification of spontaneous behaviors in Drosophila melanogaster (2022)
Murray, Carmell L. Obstetric Patient Satisfaction with Discharge Teaching in Relation to Length of Hospitalization, Parity, and Type of Delivery Among Multiple Institutions (1997)
Musheno, Michael C. Sources of Public Pressure (1969)
Muthard, Christina Stress in Young Adults: Implications of Mandala-Coloring on Anxiety (2014)
Nace, Elizabeth Recidivism Among Probationers in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania (2019)
Nagle, Julia La Guerra Civil Española, la dictadura, y la actualidad: Un análisis histórico y político (2020)
Neff, Julie D. Vasoaction of the blood vessels of the Red-spotted newt in response to topical application of pharmaceuticals used to treat hypertension (2001)
Nestor, Nestor B. The Effects of Methionine Enkephalin on the Amysdala Nucleus as Measured by Feeding Response in the Laboratory Rat, Rattus norvigicus (1992)
Nolan, Erin The Mediating and Moderating Effects of Maternal Depression on the Relationship Between Maternal Behavior and Presented Self-Esteem in Children (2017)
Nolte, Lianne The effects of Exposure to Print on Individual's Past and Present Desires to Read, Words per Minute Read, and Reading Comprehension (2000)
Parroccini, Kimberleigh Vanitas: A New Perspective (2019)
Patetta, Francesca Perceptions of Community-Police Relations and Police Legitimacy in Williamsport (2022)
Phillips, Lisa D. A Comparison of Body Image between Sorority Women and Independent Women at Colleges/Universities in Central Pennsylvania (1999)
Pickles, Andrea The Lowell Mill Girls: An Examination of Their Unique Situation Employed in the Cotton Mills of Lowell during the Rise of the Cotton Manufacture in America, 1820-1840, and, also including an Explanation for the Rise and Demise of the Lowell Mill Girls (1993)
Pittinger, Wilbur B. Jr. A Sociological Analysis of Deviant Behavior (1970)
Poppe, Krista Pair Bond Behavior in the Budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatus (1998)
Purosky, Celeste Gender and Athleticism in High School Physical Education Class (2007)
Qian, Jin Modulatory Effects of Biogenic Monoamines in Agnostic Behavior of the red Swamp Crayfish PROCAMBARUS CLARKII (1994)
Rachael, Devin Athletic Status and Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption among College Students (2012)
Rantz, Diana Investigating the Impact of Role Models and Grade Sensitivity on Female Undergraduates' Chance of Pursuing an Economics Degree (2023)
Reck, Sara Writing a Novel: Artist at Work (2006)
Reed, Rebecca "Every Woman Was to Some Extent a Politician." Elite Virginian Women from the Antebellum Period Through Reconstruction (2017)
Rhodes, Nicole L. Post Restoration Evaluation of a Natural Stream Channel Design Project on Big Bear Creek (2008)
Rider, Ronnetta The Effects of Gender and Ego-Involvement on the Use of Excuses (1985)
Rock, Amber A Biological Analysis of a Sequence Batch Reactor, Investigating the Use of Fixed-Film Media
to Increase Treatment Efficiency (2009)
Rodriguez, Rosa Angelica Signaling Pathways that Control Purkinje Neuron Dendrite Development (2017)
Roof, Megen R. A Comparison of Body Image between Sorority Women and Independent Women at Colleges/Universities in Central Pennsylvania (1999)
Rothwell, James C. Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (1992)
Ruhl, Kyle Synthesis and Hydroacylation of Tertiary Allyl Amines (2011)
Rutan, Sam View from the Glass Casket (2020)
Sallavanti, Kathryn Hormone Analysis of Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica) (2005)
Sampsell, David The Characterization of the Reactivity of the Complexes Formed between Samarium(II) Iodide and Dipyrrolidinomethylaminophosphoric Acid Triamide (2010)
Seeley, Jeffery A. The Church Music of Henry Purcell (1659-95): A Study of His Anthems Written Between 1680-95 (1977)
Sellers, Ethan R. Morphological Analysis of Early Cerebellar Development (2011)
Sheehan, Brian The Mrs. Dalloway Confessions (2006)
Sibley, Kenneth The Effects of Amphetamine Pretreatments on Chlorpromazine Induced Food Aversions (1979)
Skeath, Alicia Caravaggio Re-Examined Through His Sources (2018) Images
Slawson, Maggie "A Constant Cry Unheard." Ordinary Settlers of the Susquehanna River Valley and the Struggle to Defend Their Communities 1760-1783 (2017)
Smith, Geoffrey Colonization of Benthic Macroinvertebrates Following Construction of Fluvial Geomorphologic Structures (2001)
Smith, Jennifer L. Hacia la identidad de la mujer latinoamericana en Cien anos de soledad y Me llamo Rigoberta Menchu y asi me nacio la conciencia (2001)
Smith, Kari International Accounting Standards: An Analysis of the Effects on U.S. Companies and Industries (2010)
Smith, Lori A. Microhabitat Selection and Genetic Analysis of Trout in Two Pennsylvania Streams (2011)
Smith, Megan Almeda Preparing for Release: Women's Perceptions on Reentry Workshops (2015)
Sontag, Thomas Chryseobacterium haifense: A Genomic Report (2013)
Sowers, Anthony D. The Determination of Leaf Processing Rates and Fungal Biomass via a Chemical Index (2002)
Speicher, Joshua P. MySQL database with Web Front-End and Security Features (2002)
Stamm, Jason Investigation of the Tert-Butyl Benzyl Moiety as a Protecting Group for Alcohols (2003)
Strahan, Brittane Analysis of the Continually Diversifying Microbial Community in a Wastewater Sequencing Batch Reactor (2008)
Stricker, Emily Leaf Processing in Stream and the Determination of Fungal Biomass via a Chemical Index (2001)
Strong, Meghan The Indiana Jones Effect (2007)
Surmick, David M. Detecting a Critical Transition in Flames with Varying Air-Fuel Ratios (2012)
Swartwood, Penny J. The Oxidation of Aldehydes to Methyl Esters with N-Iodosuccinimide (1988)
Takach, Heather The Attitudes Towards Date Rape of College Men and Women Before and After an Educational Program (1998)
Taormina, Melanie (Harris) My Responsibility as a Writer (1994)
Taylor, Maria A. Does the Position of the Known Lie Test Influence Polygraph Results (2000)
Tether, Sally The Conflicting Roles of Women in American Literature of the 1890's (1976)
Thompson, Benjamin Aid Selection: The Effects of Military and Economic Foreign Aid on Intrastate Paramilitary and Insurgent Organizations Across Essential Regime Typologies (2018)
Thompson, Laura Lipizzan Stallions (2004)
Tiley, Tara Rhodium Catalyzed Intramolecular Hydroacylation of Sulfur and Nitrogen Containing Compounds (2002)
Tork, Aseel The Dark Side of Democratization Movements: Repression and Authoritarian Backsliding (2022)
Trego, Cory Paleoecological Analysis of a Late Devonian Catskill formation Using Vertebrate Microfossils (2014)
Truitt, Amy L. The Acceptability of Behavior Modification in Business (1995)
Velardi, Matthew An Agent-Based Model of Taxes and their Effect on Wealth Distribution (2022)
Verdin, Ricardo The Cloning, Overexpression and Purification of a Clostridum sp. CAG:62_ 40_ 43 Radical Sadenosylmethionine Protein (2020)
Wagner, Phoebe Jacklight: Stories (2014)
Walsh, Erica Cloning and Expression of a cDNA for a Human Purine Biosynthetic Enzyme (2005)
Walters, Denyse Securing Tradition: Researching the Origin of the Hope Chest through Medieval European, Italian Renaissance, and Early American Forms (2012)
Webb, Alyssa A Global Comparative Study of the Determinants of Sex Trafficking and Their Policy Implications (2013)
Weister, Melody Lesser Gods Like Us (2009)
Welbourne, Hilary Elaine Reading and Listening Comprehension (1998)
Wellmon, Katherine Rhodium-Catalyzed Intramolecular Hydrocylation of Allyl Amine: Optimization and Scope (2013)
Wendt, Holly M. Returning: A Collection of Short Fiction (2003)
Wenner, Brenda S. Delacroix's Obsession with the Byronic Hero (1995)
Williams, Garrett A Place to Burn (2008)
Williams, James N. The Robustnes of the F Test with Non-Normality (1989)
Williams, Katie L. Comparison of Behavioral and Emotional Characteristics in Children with Verbal and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (2001)
Williamson, Gavin If you’ve built it, will they fund? Examining the impact of product development in reward-based crowdfunding (2020)
Wilson, Olivia Effects of income, inequality, and political efficacy on the decision to vote (2023)
Wilt, W. William The Allegheny Portage Railroad (1966)
Wineburg, Madison Perceptions of Crime, Fear, and Disorder: An Analysis of a Small City in Central PA (2023)
Wirth, Christine The Effect of Methl-alpha-D-Glucopyranoside on Escherichia coli Growth on Lactose and Diauxic Growth (1990)
Xu, Lusha Analyzing Cultured Purkinje Cells from GFP Mice Using Sholl Analysis and ImageJ Software (2011)
Yarish, Mary Katherine Access to the Internet: Does It Help Prevent Enforced Disappearances? (2017)
Yastishock, Ann L. A comparison of the growth and condition of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica on stabilized coal ash and oyster shell substrata (1989)
Yates, Marla Expression and Purification of Homo sapiens FGAR Amidotransferase (2003)
Youssef, Hana The Cost of Working within the Criminal Justice System: The Overlooked Impact on the Mental Health of Correctional Officers (2022)
Yuda, Jennie Total Nitrogen Discharge of a Sequence Batch Reactor (2008)
Yurchak, John The Irresistible Polemic: A Treatise on the Morality of War (1978)
Yuskaitis, Victoria Childs Richard Rolle, Julian of Norwich, and Joan of Arc: Medieval Perspectives on Gender and Authority (2014)
Zelewicz, Lee F. E. A Study of Ethnomusicology and the Influence of Western Cultural Ideas on the Realm of Native American Music (2006)
Zelle, Heather L. Antigay Attitudes, Hostility, and Impulsivity as Predictors of  Antigay Behavior by College Students (2004)