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Alumni Magazines and Newsletters

Digitization of the Lycoming College yearbooks and alumni magazines and newsletters was made possible through a partnership between the Snowden Library and the Lycoming College Alumni Association. 

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Individual issues are available in the Internet Archive and can be accessed by the links below.

Bulletin, Lycoming College (1948-1957)

The Bulletin was usually a 4 page newsletter published in January, February, April, July, October, and November each year. One issue each year was the College Catalog. During these years the title on the cover varied and then in 1956-57 there were three issues of a magazine issued with the same title.

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Newsletter from Lycoming College

This newsletter was published periodically by the Alumni Association of Lycoming College. It appears there was some confusion between Roman and Arabic numerals, thus the skip in numbering.

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Lycoming, the Alumni Bulletin (1956-1969)

Published in January, April, September and December each calendar year, Lycoming, the Alumni Bulletin varied its cover title from Lycoming, the Alumni Bulletin to The Alumni Bulletin to simply Lycoming. From 1957 through 1966, issue no. 1 of each volume was the College Catalog. The December 1957 issue introduced the Lycoming Alma Mater which was performed for the first time by Mary Ann Ciraulo '57 at the Homecoming game on November 2, 1957.

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Lycoming College Quarterly (1969-1970)

Lycoming College Magazine (1971-1972) and the Lycoming College Report (1971-1985)

The Lycoming College Report was a newsletter sent to alumni of the College monthly. There were five issues of the Lycoming College Magazine published between 1971 and 1973 that continued the numbering of the Lycoming College Report but included significant articles. Those issues are highlighted with gray backgrounds. The Winter 1970 issue featured an article on the archaeological dig at Tell Gezer. The June 1972 issue highlighted the China Colloquium and included an article on Severin Roesen, who was known as the Williamsport painter.

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Lycoming Quarterly (1985-1994)

In 1985 the Lycoming Quarterly, a new magazine with information for alumni and friends of the College, began publication, replacing the Lycoming Report.

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Lycoming College Magazine (1994-2004)

In 1994 the Lycoming Quarterly changed titles and became the Lycoming College Magazine. Usually one issue each year included the President's Report and the donor report. Pages listing individual donors have been suppressed in order to preserve donor privacy. Several issues deserve special mention - the Winter 2001-02 issue includes special remembrances of September 11th; the Summer 2000 "Green Issue" focuses on ecology and College programs associated with the environment; and the Spring 2003 issue featured an article on the 1964 "Never the Last" log raft trip down the Susquehanna River by a group of Lycoming students. Beginning in 2008, the Lycoming College Magazine was published three times a year and the President's Report became a separate publication. In 2010, four issues were published.

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