Engineering 3-2 with University of Binghamton

Do you like to design, build and test new technologies? Do you excel in mathematics and physics and enjoy solving complex problems? Are you driven to innovate and create new ways in which to live and work in the world? If so, consider Lycoming’s 3-2 engineering partnership with the prestigious Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University.

As a student of our 3-2 engineering program, you will spend the first three years here at Lycoming in a small college atmosphere with strong faculty mentorship building your knowledge base in calculus, physics, computer science and chemistry. Then, you will spend the final two years completing a program in either electrical or industrial engineering at Binghamton University in upstate New York.

Our program is designed to give you exemplary preparation in math and science, while also exposing you to broader courses that foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking. Lycoming’s small class sizes provide better opportunities to understand and master the pre-requisites for engineering courses. Upon graduation, you will have earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Lycoming and a Bachelor of Science degree in either electrical engineering or industrial and systems engineering from Binghamton, enabling you to pursue a career in a variety of industries performing data analysis, solving logistics problems, or designing and testing electrical systems.

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