Do you like to build and test things? Are you a problem solver? Do you excel in math and science?

If so, consider Lycoming’s 3-2 engineering partnership with the prestigious Watson School of Engineering at SUNY Binghamton.

Here’s how it works. You’ll spend your first three years at Lycoming building your knowledge base and skill set in calculus, physics, and chemistry, and the last two years will be spent taking courses in a rigorous electrical or industrial engineering curriculum. It’s a five year program, but fact is, very few students complete any engineering program in four years.

There are three excellent benefits when you choose the Lycoming /Binghamton Engineering program:

  1. Your classes will be smaller at Lycoming College so you’ll have better opportunities to understand and master the pre-requisites for your engineering courses. Our goal is to help you compete and be successful at the Watson School of Engineering.
  2. When you graduate, you’ll have two degrees: a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Lycoming and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Binghamton. You’ll stand above the crowd when you seek your first and subsequent jobs.
  3. At Lycoming you’ll be able to enjoy a full collegiate experience. You’ll have three years to participate in sports, the arts, and our numerous student activities.

But the best benefit is our commitment to make your Lycoming College to Binghamton University transition seamless.