Innovating and Accelerating

Majors: Physics | Astrophysics | Computational Physics | Engineering Physics
Minor: Physics

The physics program at Lycoming offers an exceptional undergraduate education unparalleled by other institutions. An emphasis on lab-based instruction helps students grasp the theoretical, while exposing them to cutting-edge physics instrumentation. Small class sizes and a dedicated faculty with open-door policies provide physics majors with individualized attention. Lycoming’s state-of-the-art facilities, esteemed faculty, and rigorous curriculum forge an environment that fosters success and prepares students for a variety of physics-related careers in research, education, development, and engineering, as well as graduate school.

Student Opportunities

  • Learn how to use a scanning electron microscope as part of your coursework and for research.
  • Conduct physics and astronomy research alongside faculty members.
  • Gain valuable teaching experience as a laboratory assistant or a course tutor.
  • Volunteer in the nonlinear and complex systems research laboratory doing research about machine learning, astrophysics, or combustion as part of an international collaboration.
  • Pursue a competitive internship with local and national companies such as Outgassing Systems International, L3 Communications, National Science Foundation, J.W. Aluminum, NASA, and Discovery Machine.
  • Publish with faculty in research journals and present at professional conferences.
  • Work toward induction into Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society.

Why Lycoming?

  1. All students have numerous opportunities to participate in faculty-mentored independent research.
  2. Advanced laboratory experiences prepare students for both graduate study and jobs in industry.
  3. Full-time, tenured, Ph.D. faculty teach in low student-to-faculty ratio settings both in the classroom and the laboratory.
  4. The new Lynn Science Center, the home of the physics department, contains updated laboratories, classrooms, study room and other facilities.
  5. The department boasts a plentiful inventory of cutting-edge physics instrumentation that is available for students to use as early as during their first year.
  6. Lycoming College ranked 27th on’s Top 50 Best Physical Science Degrees for its unique program features, including internship opportunities, labs and facilities available for students, and student-faculty research opportunities.

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