Lycoming College does not offer a traditional major in Computer Science. Rather, our focus is on the interdisciplinary aspects of computers and technology – the ways in which computers have impacted, and continue to make fundamental changes in a wide-variety of disciplines. Because of this focus, our courses are tailored to meet the needs of students who may have little or no experience with traditional computing concepts but who recognize the importance that a fundamental understanding of computing will have in their futures.

Students interested in computers and technology have several options at Lycoming College. By augmenting their chosen major with a minor in computer science or a minor in computational science, students will prepare themselves for the rapidly changing, technology-rich 21st century. Students entering the workplace after graduation will have more to offer potential employers by bringing with them experience and expertise that others in the pool of applicants do not have. Those going to graduate school will have the skills and knowledge that will allow them to utilize computers and technology in innovative ways in their advanced research environment. For suggestions on major – minor combinations, click here.

Students whose interests and future plans are best served by combining components of computing with courses from other disciplines may tailor a technology-rich individual interdisciplinary major that will meet their specific needs. More information about individual interdisciplinary majors.