What is the top job in America right now? According to CareerCast.com, it is an actuary. Furthermore, CNN.com ranks actuaries sixth in their list of highest paying jobs in the US!

So what does an actuary do? The short answer is: actuaries use mathematical models to predict the likelihood of future events. The longer and more thorough answers are found in the courses Lycoming students take on their way to entering this dynamic profession.

Lycoming College's major in Actuarial Science is designed upon the recommendations of the Society of Actuaries. It is a challenging curriculum, but you will be supported by your professors and your fellow students. Classes are small (upper level courses typically consist of 5-15 students) and are taught by full-time, seasoned faculty members. Just as important are the bonds you develop with your fellow majors. You'll have plenty of study buddies as you and your friends prepare for the all-important series of actuarial examinations.

Once all the major requirements are fulfilled, students should be well prepared to sit for the beginning sequence of the examinations and be ready for gainful employment. Just ask David Yanick, Wellpoint Inc., Richmond, Virginia or Jessica Gough, Prudential Financial, Milan, Italy.

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