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In the Spotlight: Josh Dweh ’20

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Josh Dweh ’20 has always had a talent for making people laugh, even if not always at the most appropriate times. From class clown to performing on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at Stand Up NY on Sept. 18, the business administration major is living his dream as a professional comedian.

1. It has been a wild and amazing ride for you on the comedy scene since graduating from Lycoming College in 2020. Tell us about your journey. 

Comedy has been a wild journey that I've been embarking on since the age of 16, and when I look back on this journey, the first thing that comes to mind is how full circle everything has been. I remember not being able to get into the very clubs I'm headlining due to me being under 21, or how some of the people I met early in my career have now become some of the biggest resources I have when it comes to keeping this dream alive. I'm extremely thankful, to say the least.

2. What led you to the decision to pursue comedy as a career?

It was honestly my mom. I was always a class clown, but in a way where even the teachers had to laugh. That still didn't stop them from writing me up or telling my mom, but it was my mom who saw this and knew it was just in me to be an entertainer. So one day when I was 11 or 12, she was reading a detention slip back to me and was like, “This is just legitimately funny, and it's not that you're a bad kid, you're just a comedian!” Right there is when the dream was born.

3. You’ve had a chance to interact with some really influential people. What kind of advice have they shared that you’ve drawn the most from in your career?

I've been spoiled in the advice department for sure, and that goes for comedy and business! I have been able to get advice from everyone. When it comes to business: Be a problem solver, always follow through on your word, and the thing that's more important than money is the relationships you build along the way! When it comes to comedy, the best piece of advice that I ever heard was to always stay undeniable.

4. Who was your favorite professor at Lycoming, and why does that person stand out today?

I loved a good number of my professors, but when it comes to my favorite, it's a tie between Dean Bolt and Professor Welch. The two of them went above and beyond in different ways to ensure I made it to the finish line. Seriously, Dean Bolt consistently sacrificed her time and millions of lunch breaks to teach me how to play the piano, make sure I was mentally good, and let me know that I could achieve my dreams even when I wanted to walk away. Professor Welch always encouraged me, but always pushed my innovation. Trust me, there were times where I tried to cut corners or cheat myself, and he would always be there reminding me that I was better than that! He would also put himself out there in numerous ways to make sure he could help me achieve my goals.

5. We are hosting an alumni event on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at Stand Up NY on Sunday, September 18, at 7 p.m. for your live recording show. What can alumni and guests expect when walking through the doors?

Alumni and guests can expect a real, authentic, comedy club experience! This means, get ready to hear some of the industry’s best make light of any and everything! Come ready to laugh, but also for personal views and beliefs to be challenged — all in good fun!
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