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In the Spotlight: Kylie Breon ’17 & Bryanna (Garnett) Marshall ’14

Breon and Marshall photo

Kylie Breon ’17 and Bryanna “Bry” (Garnett) Marshall ’14 have found sweet success in the doughnut world. Breon, a business and psychology double major while at Lycoming College, is a human resources manager, and Marshall, a psychology and English double major, is a corporate recruiting manager, both at Krispy Kreme. The Gamma Delta Sigma sisters credit their experiences at Lycoming for preparing them for these exciting careers.

Why did you both choose to attend Lycoming College? 

Breon: It was pretty late in my senior year, and I hadn’t found anywhere I absolutely loved yet. When I visited Lycoming, I loved the small feel of the campus and that I wasn’t going to be seen as just a number. Being a people person, I wanted an intimate experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, so Lyco was a perfect fit!

Marshall: I went to a really large high school and knew I wanted a smaller setting for college. Unfortunately, my brother passed away in 2010, and Lycoming was the first school I was accepted to prior to him passing. When I finally toured Lycoming after narrowing down several schools, it was the only place I felt “home away from home,” as cliché as it sounds. I loved Williamsport and just knew that it was the right fit for me!

What is one of your favorite memories, classes, professors, or activities while attending Lycoming College as a student?

Breon: Oh jeez, what a question! How do you pick?! My favorite memories revolve around my time as a Gamma Delta Sigma (GDS) sister (peace, love, and daisies, y’all!), attending football games, and going to the pub on Mondays. I also really enjoyed classes outside of my major — Philosophy, Spanish, and U.S. History with Dr. Pearl (my first-ever class as a freshman) being a few of my favorites.

Marshall: Wow. So many. I loved being a GDS sister! It provided so many amazing college memories and professional confidence I would not have had otherwise. Dr. Beery and Dr. Hafer were hands down my favorite professors and had a huge impact on my time at Lycoming.

Both of you are Lycoming alumnae and sisters of Gamma Delta Sigma, and you both are employed at Krispy Kreme. What led to your employment with the delicious doughnut company, and what are your respective roles?

Breon: It’s all because of Bry! When I was a freshman and told her about my interests in business as well as psychology, she introduced me to the world of industrial and organizational psychology. Fast forward eight years, I had obtained my master’s degree in I.O. Psych and was looking for more out of my career. In true Bry fashion, she always kept me in mind for potential jobs and one day texted me saying, “So…how about an HR manager job?” I never looked back! Bry is a true connector, and I owe this huge career move to her. How’s that for a networking success story?!

Marshall: I have been recruiting since college (go admissions!), but professionally for almost 10 years. I knew I loved it and wanted to find a brand that would make me super excited to work every day — what’s better than doughnuts?! I started as a corporate recruiter, and then a little under one year later, I was promoted to my current role as corporate recruiting manager. The Krispy Kreme mission is “to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme.” It’s impossible not to smile, and that’s somewhere I wanted to be.

How has your Lycoming education helped to advance your lives and careers, and have you benefited from your mutual connection with the College at Krispy Kreme?

Breon: While I wish I could say I was an outstanding student in all areas (spoiler alert: I was not), Lyco gave me more than just an education. I walked away from my college experience with a network of incredible individuals, Bry included! I love that we share the Lyco bond. She’s my go-to person when I need to brainstorm, vent about my hectic day, and celebrate my wins. I’m so lucky to work with and learn from her!

Marshall: Lycoming pushed me to understand the importance and value of building strong relationships, which led me to a career empowering people to do what they love. It is amazing having Kylie on the team! It is so important to have strong working relationships with people you trust, and Kylie is one of those people for me. It is awesome to brainstorm, partner on projects, and share our passion for doughnuts! It has also been so wonderful watching her grow.

What are one or two of your proudest professional or personal accomplishments that occurred after graduating from Lycoming in which your education played a role?

Breon: Being in human relations, I typically get recognized for my ability to work with and manage situations involving people. When you think about HR, you don’t typically think about a fun-loving personality, rather, you think about the “fun-suckers” or the “rule-makers.” While some pieces of HR can seem that way, human resources (or “People & Culture, as we like to call it), is all about just that: PEOPLE! I commonly refer to my job as “making sure people love where they work,” and that’s my one true goal. As far as how Lyco prepared me, once again, it’s all about that relationship building piece. Connecting with individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances is what makes a great HR professional, and I’m grateful I get to do it for a living!

Marshall: Professionally, I was able to be promoted in my last two roles in less than a year. Lycoming helped me to get into the real world with a strong understanding of my goals and how I needed to commit to get to them. Personally, I married my college sweetheart (Cody Marshall) and have two beautiful babies! Without Lycoming, I would have never met my husband or have the amazing family we have today.

How do you give back or engage with Lycoming College?

Breon: I try to go to as many of the networking events as I can when I’m nearby! Having one local to Charlotte, N.C., each year is fantastic, but I’ve also attended a few in Pennsylvania as well as in the Washington D.C. area. I also enjoy connecting with Lyco students and alumni on LinkedIn. You never know, maybe we’ll add a few more Warriors to the Krispy Kreme dream team!

Marshall: I keep in touch frequently with a handful of my sorority sisters. Though Homecoming plans have fallen through the last couple of years, I hope to get back to campus soon!

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