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In the Spotlight: Lindsay (Martin) Courteau ’07

Lindsay (Martin) Courteau photo

Lindsay (Martin) Courteau ’07 studied corporate communications at Lycoming College. While a student, Courteau established the Colleges Against Cancer chapter and Relay For Life at the College to help educate the campus community on how to fight cancer, and she went on to work for the American Cancer Society after graduation. Today, she’s the director of marketing and public relations at Geneva College. “My passion for communication and telling the right story to the right audience was fueled by the education I received at Lycoming.”

Why did you choose to attend Lycoming College? 

I often joke that it was because it was a sunny day and a good sign. However, the real reason is because of Dr. Steve Koehn. When I met him during my visit, I instantly knew he was someone I could learn from, and someone who would serve as a mentor. I had interest at the time in sports management, and he introduced me to a graduating senior who worked in the sports information department on campus. Through the two of them, I secured a job on campus doing something I loved and started working my first week on campus.

What is one of your favorite memories, classes, professors, or activities while attending Lycoming College as a student?

I had the honor of establishing the Colleges Against Cancer chapter and Relay For Life at Lycoming College. Through working closely with the American Cancer Society (ACS), I was able to bring this event to campus and help educate our Lycoming community on how they could fight back against cancer. My father is a three-time cancer survivor, and raising funds to fight this disease was a passion of mine. To be at a college that allowed me to create a new club, learn leadership by doing so, and educate my fellow peers was incredible. This experience led me to my first job with the ACS and helped grow my incredible passion for giving back and helping others.

How has your education at Lycoming College influenced or helped you in your life and career?

The hands-on experience and chance to work 1-1 with many of my professors because of the small class size and tight-knit community truly helped me grow and flourish in my career. Lycoming not only provided me with educational opportunities in the classroom, but with the chance to apply the skills I learned by working on campus, volunteering in the community, and taking on leadership roles in different on-campus clubs and organizations. My passion for communication and telling the right story to the right audience was fueled by the education I received at Lycoming.

What are one or two of your proudest professional or personal accomplishments that occurred after graduating from Lycoming in which your education played a role?

A few years after graduating from Lycoming, I was working for the ACS with colleges in Central Pennsylvania. I was awarded the Pennsylvania Staff Partner of the Year Award for my fundraising efforts and work with college students. This accomplishment directly correlates to the education and support I received as a student at Lycoming. I felt prepared to work with other college students, and to effectively communicate the mission of the ACS to motivate them to make a difference and to do more.

Recently, I have accepted the role of director of marketing and public relations at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pa. In my first six months here, we have restructured our department, developed new priorities, and launched a new brand for the campus. Looking back on the education I received at Lycoming and the experiences I have had because of that education has fully equipped me to become the leader I am today on a college campus. Lycoming served to provide me with a well-rounded education not only in the classroom, but through on campus leadership experiences and incredible student-worker opportunities.

How do you give back or engage with Lycoming College?

I stay actively engaged with the campus through attending events, monetary donations, keeping in touch with my Alpha Sigma Tau sisters, and supporting efforts of the College that remind me of the experiences and opportunities I was provided. For several years, I also served as a mentor for those involved with the Relay For Life on campus, and I also was a member of Lycoming College’s Alumni Association Executive Board.


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