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In the Spotlight: Kathryn Koury ’05


Kathryn Koury ’05, DMD, earned her BS in biology with a minor in sculpture at Lycoming College. She is appreciative of her liberal arts background and how it afforded her the opportunity to explore both her analytical and creative sides while a student. “My sculpture and ceramics courses provided a welcome balance from my science coursework. I’ve always needed to exercise both halves of my brain!” Today, Katie is a dentist with Stager and Coole Dentistry.

1. What made you choose to attend Lycoming College?

I’m an introvert and a homebody, so the thought of attending a large university following high school wasn’t on my radar. I was nervous about college. I had always been a good student, but I was afraid – would I do well? Would I succeed? I knew I wanted to attend a small, private liberal arts college. The small course size and individualized instruction appealed to me, along with the scholarship opportunities I was offered. Lycoming College is about 50 miles from my hometown, and that seemed like the perfect distance. I would be “away” and on my own, but I could easily run home if I wanted to.

2. What is one of your favorite memories, classes, professors, or activities while attending Lycoming College?

My favorite college memories are housed in the Fine Arts Building. Nearly every semester, I took an art class because that’s what I loved and enjoyed. It’s where I felt most comfortable, it’s where I could get creative, and it’s even where I met my Lyco roommate (hey, Tracy!). My sculpture and ceramics courses provided a welcome balance from my science coursework. I’ve always needed to exercise both halves of my brain! I have fond memories of working with the art faculty, particularly Jon Bogle, Kathy Sterngold, and Howard Tran.

3. How has your education at Lycoming College influenced or helped you in your life and career?

When I think about Lycoming College, I’m flooded with a sense of family and community. I made life-long friends with both fellow students and professors. I still keep in touch with a handful of professors who taught me along the way. How cool is that? I’m confident that not many students who attend large D1 schools experience the level of friendship and community Lycoming provides.

4. What are one or two of your proudest professional or personal accomplishments that occurred after graduating from Lycoming in which your education really played a role?

Graduating from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 2009 was a pretty special moment. I have Lycoming College to thank for giving me the solid undergraduate foundation I needed to succeed in professional school. Practicing dentistry in my hometown is a dream come true.

5. What piece of professional advice would you give your fellow Lycoming alumni?

I’m fond of this quote from author and lecturer Cheryl Richardson: “Spend more time on the who than the what. What you do will always be less important than who you become. Knowledge is great, but it will never take you as far as your courage, your integrity, your reputation for someone who keeps his or her word, or your commitment to be of service to others in an important way.”

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