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In the Spotlight: Kagiso Msiza ’18

Kagiso Msiza photo

Kagiso Msiza ’18 came to Lycoming College from South Africa in pursuit of obtaining a liberal arts degree in economics. Today, she is employed as a strategy manager at Diehl Metering GmbH in Europe. “I attribute my readiness to navigate high-stakes scenarios to the comprehensive skills and perspectives gained from studying economics within a structured academic environment,” she says.

Why did you choose to attend Lycoming College? 

Originating from a developing country, my decision to pursue a liberal arts degree in economics in the U.S. was motivated by a profound interest in delving into the intricate intersections of economics and politics, particularly in addressing racial injustices and economic disparities among minority groups. My ultimate goal was to influence economic policy and consult policymakers on implementing regulations and strategies that prioritize the interests of marginalized communities while fostering sustainable economic growth in Southern Africa. Embarking on my academic journey, I found that studying economics within a liberal arts framework offered a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, allowing me to explore a myriad of subjects, sharpen my critical thinking, and gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultural perspectives.

What is one of your favorite memories, classes, professors, or activities while attending Lycoming College as a student?

One of my academic highlights was an English class where I learned to creatively articulate my passion for uncovering the historical and contemporary truths of racial injustices and economic disparities in South Africa. I found validation in my English professor's interest in my work and his guidance. This experience deeply enriched my academic journey and underscored the importance of effective communication in addressing complex and emotional issues.

How has your education at Lycoming College influenced or helped you in your life and career?

Studying in a rural area has enabled me to adapt to evolving job markets and contribute meaningfully to the growth and prosperity of rural communities. Students like me are not afraid to relocate to rural areas in pursuit of economic prosperity, leveraging our education and skills to make a positive impact locally.

What are one or two of your proudest professional or personal accomplishments that occurred after graduating from Lycoming in which your education played a role?

Mastering French has been instrumental in equipping me to fearlessly pursue a competitive career in Europe. I attribute my readiness to navigate high-stakes scenarios to the comprehensive skills and perspectives gained from studying economics within a structured academic environment.

How do you give back or engage with Lycoming College?

I share insights and expertise gained from my experiences at Lycoming College with external parties and promote the university's initiatives and achievements in my professional and social networks, helping to enhance its reputation and visibility on a global scale.


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