Getting Behind the Scenes

Major: Film and Video Arts
Minors: Film and Video Arts | Film Studies | Screenwriting | 2D Animation

Aspiring filmmakers, 2D animators, and content creators will thrive in Lycoming College’s film and video arts program. Whether your interests include digital narrative or documentary filmmaking, hand drawn or stop motion animation, video art, or installation video, our program will expose you to a breadth of knowledge you won’t find at a larger film school. Our curriculum covers various levels of production, editing and post production, cinematography, sound design, 2D animation, and film studies. These courses help students establish a foundation of technical skills and concept development. Small class sizes allow for enriching discussions, productive workshops, and close mentorship. By combining a traditional liberal arts education with a hands-on film and video arts program, students are equipped with the knowledge and tools to pursue their creative visions from start to finish.

Student Opportunities

  • Screen your senior capstone film at a downtown Williamsport theater.
  • Engage with national/international visiting filmmakers in our visiting filmmaker and artist series.
  • Gain teaching experience as a tutor in the media lab, helping underclassmen with editing and operating equipment or work in the FVA stockroom to gain experience with equipment management checkout systems.
  • Join our student film club (Crossing the Frame Productions) to gain more experience writing scripts, auditioning actors, scouting locations, shooting, and editing.
  • Spend a semester abroad or take a May Term travel course led by film and video arts faculty members.
  • Participate in a film internship locally through our WISE internship program or even regionally/nationally.
  • Work for the College filming promotional videos, interviewing students/faculty, and covering campus events.
  • Assist with faculty research, become a departmental assistant to gain hands-on experience in the field.
  • Pursue related media interests by writing for the Lycourier or having your own show on the campus radio station.

Why Lycoming?

  1. Students don’t need to purchase any equipment other than an external hard drive, as they are given unlimited access to our state-of-the-art equipment from day one and have 24/7 access to our digital media lab.
  2. Lycoming provides cutting-edge equipment for student check out, such as motorized 4-axis controls like the eMotimo Spectrum ST4; stabilization devices such as the Movi FreeFly, Roin-S, Ronin-M and the Steadycam Steadymate 15; cameras such as the Black Magic Pocket 6k, Cannon Mark II C300, Black Magic 4K, Black Magic Mini Ursa 4.6K, Canon Mark IV with C-Log, Canon Rebel DSLRs; DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter Drone, matte boxes, cine cranes, sliders, tripods, microphones, lighting kits, and much more. Our affiliation with Canon earns us special demos on newly released, top of the line equipment.
  3. Students have free access to the entire Adobe Suite, DaVinci Resolve, and other editing software in our editing lab.
  4. Lycoming hosts the annual Pennsylvania College Student Film & Video Festival, where students from undergraduate institutions submit films to be screened and juried; all qualifying films are eligible for awards in each category; the best Lycoming film receives a custom statue sculpted by Academy Award-winning alumnus Tom Woodruff, Jr.
  5. Our curriculum makes it easy for students to enhance their career outlook by pursuing another major or minor, such as 2D animation, commercial design, photography, theater, business, creative writing, and more.

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