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What Can You Do with a Degree in Corporate Communication?

Here are a few of the careers that fall under the umbrella of the Corporate Communication program of study at Lycoming College:


As dynamic and nimble thinkers, publicists are the lifeblood of corporate communication. Some publicists are quite prominent, leading press conferences, interviews, and publicity events. Others work behind the scenes writing press releases, pitching news stories, and conducting public opinion research. The job of the publicist is to represent their clients in a way that is factual, ethical, and aggressive, and these professionals may choose to work in an agency setting, in-house, or as a consultant in the fields that interest them.
Average Salary: $89,000

Advertising Director

Advertising professionals can choose to work on the creative side of advertising, designing print, digital, and video ads, coming up with logos, slogans, and written copy. Other advertising professionals choose to work on the strategy side, conducting focus groups, deciding which media outlets ads should run in, and leading the overall direction of the campaign. As a results-based industry, advertising is known for rewarding great work. This means there are many opportunities for advancement.
Average Salary: $87,500

Special Events Manager

A dream position for many “Type A” people, Special Event Managers create, plan, and execute large-scale events like corporate, non-profit, sports, arts, and cultural mega-events and conventions. Generally, this position does not include the classic nine-to-five desk job structure. The job is always changing, which keeps the employee on their toes, making for a career that is exciting, challenging, and lucrative.
Average Salary: $73,000

Social Media Manager

Not for the faint of heart, Social Media Managers direct a brand’s social media strategy. Often, they also create social media content. Because they can reach as many as millions of people with the touch of a finger and receive immediate results, Social Media Managers must be prepared to navigate the full array of issues that unfold online.
Average Salary: $86,000

Director of Communications

Leaders in the field, the Director of Communications guides a company, organization, or brand’s communication with the public, the media, their social media followings, their employees, their investors, and the community at large. In this position, communication typically occurs nationally and globally, exposing the Director of Communications to diverse cultures and different methods of communicating.
Average Salary: $89,500

Broadcasting Specialist

There are many paths in this field, both in front of the camera and behind it. No matter which side you work on, a career in broadcasting means your hard work is rewarded by the capacity to create, maintain, and change the media narrative.
Average Salary: $76,000

News Reporter/Journalist

Inquisitive, open-minded, and well-informed on a host of issues, a credible journalist learns, investigates, and often travels for a living. Journalists can work on stories that they are passionate about and their work can reach a large audience. Today’s media landscape allows for journalists to build, maintain, or change public perception of issues of national and global significance.
Average Salary: $67,000

Political Communications Director/Press Secretary

Savvy critical thinkers, Political Communications Directors lead the communications strategy for elected officials, political candidates, advocacy organizations, think tanks, and a variety of public sector settings. These professionals act as spokesperson, write speeches, conduct debate preparation sessions, and help shape policy through written and oral communication skills. They are often referred to as the “architect” of political campaigns and causes.
Average Salary: $95,000

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