Students who graduate from Lycoming College can earn more than just a diploma; they can also walk away with the keys to the universe. The Astronomy and Physics Department offers two majors specifically designed to help students unlock the mysteries of cosmos.

The Astronomy major trains students in the field of planetarium education and may serve as a basis for state certification as a secondary school teacher of general science. Classes at Lycoming have an emphasis on lab-based instruction and are small enough to give all students an opportunity to receive individual attention.

"Astronomy and Physics at Lycoming differ from many other institutions because of the emphasis on lab-based instruction," states department member Dr. David Fisher. "It helps students grasp theoretical concepts if they can see them in practice rather than just read about them in a textbook. From their freshman year, we encourage our students to use whatever equipment we have in their areas of interest. It can be very rewarding."

Classes at Lycoming are small, giving all students an opportunity to receive individual attention. There are three full-time professors, all with doctoral degrees, in the Astronomy & Physics Department and an open-door policy that gives students easy access to them. The lab-based courses, combined with the individualized attention from professors, are a few of the reasons why Rugg's Recommendations on the Colleges rated Lycoming's Astronomy Program "among the top 25 programs in the country."