Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

What I Should & Should Not Bring to Campus

What To Bring To Campus

For your convenience and to make your shopping/packing easier we've compiled a list of items you might want/need to bring to campus. Please note, this list is not a comprehensive OR a must-have list but simply suggestions. Remember also, that the College is not in an isolated area and there are plenty of places for you to pick up anything you may forget or find that you need after you arrive. Please see the end of this list for items you should not bring to campus.

In addition to the items on the list below, Lycoming College Residential Life also encourages students to be well prepared for the unique experience that the 2024-2025 year will bring by packing the following items.


  • Extra Long Twin Sheets (all campus mattresses require these)
  • Blanket/Comforter
  • Electric Blanket (auto shut off feature required)
  • Pillow(s)/Pillow case(s)
  • Bath towel(s)/Washcloth(s)
  • Dish towel(s)


  • Day to day wear including one or more professional/dress outfits
  • Bathing suit
  • Umbrella/rain gear
  • Cold weather clothing (coat, hat, gloves)
  • Shower shoes/flip-flops


  • Shower supplies (including a small bucket/ basket to transport items to the bathroom)
  • Contact lens supplies/eyeglasses
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Cosmetics
  • Tissues

Health Care Items

  • Over the counter allergy/cold/flu/fever medications
  • Prescription medications (we recommend that they be in the original pharmacy bottle with an identifying label)
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Digital thermometer
  • First Aid kit

Cleaning supplies

  • Broom/mop/vacuum
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Spray cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Dish detergent

Laundry supplies

  • Clothes basket or bag
  • Detergent (must be an HE "high efficiency" type)
  • Dryer sheets
  • Stain stick/color catchers
  • Drying rack
  • Hangers
  • Small ironing board

Electrical items (permitted)

  • Alarm clock
  • Coffee maker with an indicator light and auto-shutoff
  • Curling/flat iron with auto-shutoff
  • Desk lamp (non-halogen only)
  • Hairdryer (not to exceed 1600 watts or 12.5 amps)
  • Iron with auto-shutoff
  • Electric Water Kettle with auto shut off
  • Compact refrigerator (one per room, not to exceed 200 watts or 1.3 amps)
  • Microwave (one per room, not to exceed 1050 watts or 1.0 cubic feet)
  • Television w/coaxial cable, DVD/Blu-Ray player, stereo (no more than one of each per room)
  • Window fan
  • Essential Oil diffuser with an indicator light and auto shut off
  • Flameless Electric Wax Warmer (light bulb type)
  • Power strip with surge protection reset button/switch
    • Regular extension cords are prohibited

Room supplies

  • Small trash can
  • Bath mat (for single or shared bathrooms - not community baths)
  • Window curtain(s) with a tension/spring rod (drilling or nailing into the window frame is not permitted)
  • Whiteboard/bulletin board
  • Food storage containers
  • Area rug
  • Mending/sewing kit
  • Under-bed storage boxes or closet organizers
  • Flashlight w/batteries
  • Cooking/eating utensils
  • Can opener

Miscellaneous Personal supplies

  • Medical Insurance card(s)
  • Passport/Government ID
  • Social Security card for campus employment (must be original, copy not acceptable)
  • Birth Certificate (or copy) for campus employment
  • Blank check for campus employment (direct deposit)
  • Checkbook
  • Mini-safe/Lockbox
  • Bike lock (if you bring a bike)

Academic supplies

  • Computer (1 per resident per room) w/Ethernet cord
  • Printer/Printer Paper
  • Thumb drive and/or external hard drive
  • Dictionary (English/Language)
  • Thesaurus
  • Planner
  • Miscellaneous school supplies
    • Index cards
    • Highlighters
    • Post-it notes
    • Stapler/staples
    • Tape
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Notebooks/Notebook paper
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Pencil sharpener

Personal Protective Equipment:  PPE (Optional for vaccinated students. Required for non-vaccinated students.)

  • 5- 7 Cloth Masks
  • Additional Cleaning Supplies
  • Hand Sanitizer

What Not To Bring To Campus

The following is a list of items you should not buy when shopping for your room and should not bring to campus. Please see the picture examples below this list.

  • Air conditioners without prior approval (an approved Special Accommodations request is required)
  • Space heaters
  • Alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia - unless you are 21 and living in upperclassmen housing. Alcohol and alcohol paraphernalia are not permitted in first-year housing.
  • Candles
  • Fireworks/Explosives
  • Halogen lights
  • Incense, oil lamps, potpourri burners
  • Items with an exposed heating element (i.e. hot plates, candle warmers, coffee pots without an indicator light or auto shut off)
  • Toasters, Toaster Ovens
  • Pets, except fish (non-carnivorous fish only; tank size less than 10 gallons.) All other pets are prohibited.
  • Offensive weapons or any projectile impelling device
  • Knives with blades longer than 5"
  • Extension cords. Only power strips with built-in surge protection and indicator lights are allowed.
  • Multi-plug adapters without surge protection (a "multi-plug adapter" is an item that allows you to plug several appliances into one socket)
  • Temporary electrical lights that are not battery operated (decorative string lights, rope lights, holiday lights)
  • Charcoal grill, charcoal, and/or charcoal lighter fluid
  • Road signs (i.e. stop signs, street signs, traffic signs, etc.)
  • Bed risers with built-in plugs
  • Rug Tape/Rug Backing

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