Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Student Right to Know

In compliance with the Department of Education's Student Right-to-Know Act, Lycoming College along with all other colleges and universities receiving Federal Title IV funds is required to report various points of information to students, employees and prospective students.

It is the intent of regulations set forth in this public law, to generate useful and comparable data for student consumer information purposes. With such information, prospective students will be better able to make informed choices when they choose a post secondary institution.

Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

Each school identifies a cohort of students for a given fall semester who meet the following criteria: enrolled for the first-time in college, with full-time status and is degree-seeking. Students are to be counted as graduates or as transfers-out if they graduated or if they transferred-out within 150 percent of the normal time for graduation. For four-year programs, this would be 6 years.

Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates