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Cambridge International Exam

Students who have completed A-level exams with a grade of B or better will be granted credit. No other level (O or AS Level) of exams will be granted credit.

The following exams have been evaluated. This list is not complete; students are encouraged to submit their Cambridge results in other exam subjects for consideration.

Here is a resource for sending an official copy of your results (Certifying Statement) to Lycoming College.

Syllabus Title Syllabus Number Lyco Equivalency
Accounting 9706 No credit
Business 9609  BUS 100 ELCT
Chemistry 9701 SCI NL DIST
Computer Science 9608 GNL ELCT
Computer Science 9618 GNL ELCT
Economics 9708 ECON 110 and 111
English Language 9695 GNL ELCT
Literature in English 9695 LIT ELCT
Mathematics 9709 MATH 128 and 129
Mathematics 9231 MATH 200 ELCT
Physics 9702 PHYS ELCT