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Software Policy


All software installations on campus, especially in our computer labs and classrooms at Lycoming College must meet the following guidelines and requirements:

All Software Acquisitions

The purchase of any software, administrative or academic must be done by the Office of Information Technology and with the prior approval of the Chief Information Officer. This includes lab applications, classroom applications, specific applications for individual’s computers, administrative applications and all tablet/smartphone apps.

Software Installation Guidelines

  • All software will be installed by a qualified member of ITS. ITS will test basic operability of any software installed in labs and classrooms. More extensive testing is the responsibility of requesting faculty.
  • Usually installations will be done on a “master image” from which all computers in the labs are updated.
  • All requests for new software in the computer labs and classrooms will be submitted to ITS no later than 75 days before the start of classes for the semester in which the software is to be used. We ask that faculty have all lab software installations fully tested at least one month before the start of class.

Lab Software Installation Requirements

  • Software for use in computer labs/classrooms must be purchased in sufficient quantities to install for the total number of computers. All software purchases are approved the Computer Replacement Task Force as part of the budgeting request process. Smaller block or individual installations will not be done in computer labs.
  • All software must be compatible with the present operating system being used in the computer labs. All software subject to periodic review.
  • All software requested for installation in the computer labs must be designed and intended for academic class work.
  • Security or Hacking tools that could be used to compromise the network or any other software that would act contrary to the appropriate use statement are not be allowed.

¹Submitting software does not guarantee its installation. All software must pass testing and administrative review. If the software compatibility or appropriateness is in question, it is advisable to submit the software well in advance of the deadline to ensure the testing and review process can be completed before the start of the semester.

²ITS will make an effort near the end of each semester to contact the professors with existing software in the lab to confirm whether the software will or will not be needed again the following semester.

(Associate Dean & Director of the Office of Communication Technology; Academic Computing Committee -- 3/13/95, Associate Dean & CIO – April 2012)