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Electronic File Retention Upon Leaving Employment

(final approval by Ad Cabinet Aug. 13, 2007, Oct. 3, 2011)

On the date in which an employee terminates employment or their contract, all file access is removed immediately and data will be removed after 180 days, which includes live email, email archives, voice mail, network files, and access to the administrative system. Notification of this process will be sent immediately to both the chair or supervisor and the division member of the President's Administrative Cabinet. Unless the CIO or the Director of Network Services is notified to the contrary by the President or another Cabinet member, the employee will also be notified by e-mail. Upon request, faculty department chairpersons or employee supervisors will be given rights to the employee’s electronic files located on the network drives, which include email archives. Faculty members may make copies of their course materials and other files. The above policy holds true for any files used with any course management system. In accordance with the Technology Agreement signed by all new employees, the College is not responsible for files on the local drive of their computer and the files will be removed after notification to the employee's respective chairperson or supervisor.

Human Resources will notify retiring faculty that they may retain their e-mail, but it will be removed if inactive for a period greater than six months.