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Faculty and Staff Voice Mail

To Set Up Your Voice Mail Box:

  1. Call the voice mail system; use the voicemail button on a Cisco phone or dial 7000.
  2. Follow the system prompts to record name, personal greeting, and set new password.

For information on recording your voice mail greeting, please see the "Voice Mail Policy."

Note: Your security code must be 5-7 digits.

To Check Your Voice Mail:

Voicemail may be accessed via a phone or email, both on campus as well as remotely.

Note: Retrieving or deleting messages is synchronized in both systems.

To Check New Messages from Your Desk:

Dial 7000 or press the Messages button.

To Check New Messages from Off-Campus:

Dial appropriate phone number. When the voicemail answers, press * and follow the prompts.

To Transfer a Call Directly into Voice Mail:

Press Transfer + 7000 (or your MSGS button) + # (pound) + 4 digit extension + # 2 + Transfer

Voice Mail Shortcuts:

  • 1 – Repeat the message
  • 2 – Save or archive the message
  • 3 – Permanently delete the message
  • 4 – Reply to the message
  • 5 – Forward the message
  • 7 – Rewind or move backward in the message
  • 9 – Fast-forward through the message
  • # – Skip to the end of the message

To Change Message Greeting:

  • Dial 7000 or press the Messages button, enter your password
  • 411 – Change greetings
  • 431 – Change password (security code)
  • 432 – Change recorded name
  • Change to Alternate Greeting: 411 then press 2 then press 2 again