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Connect To Your Network Space On Campus From Windows

If you are off-campus, please connect to the VPN first before trying these instructions.

1. From the Desktop of your PC, choose Start and right click on Computer/My Computer and choose Map Network Drive…

2. If you are a student, for the Drive, choose H: and in the Folder line type \\\home

If you are faculty/staff, for the Drive choose F: and in the Folder line type \\\home

Also make sure that both the Reconnect at logon and Connect using different credentials checkboxes are checked, and then click finish.

3. At the log in window, enter lycoming\username replacing username with your username, and then enter your password. Also make sure that the Remember my credentials checkbox is checked and click on Ok.

4. You should now see your network files. It should be noted that this only works when you are connected to the Lycoming College campus network.