We strongly believe in the educational value of internships, and offer a quality program with local, national, and international opportunities. Students can choose from part-time internships that typically count for one or two courses or in some cases, a full-time placement that could count for a full semester of academic work, according to a student's academic schedule and plans.

Why do an Internship?

    1. Internships give students real world experience.
    2. Provide the opportunity to test drive career options and interests.
    3. Develop valuable professional and networking contacts.
    4. Ease the transition from college to the workplace.

Paradigm Interns

  1. Apply classroom theory to practical situations.
  2. Enhance interpersonal and communication skills needed for a corporate or agency environment.
  3. Acquire additional knowledge and technical skills.
  4. Have the opportunity to perform responsibly in chosen field to establish or enhance a professional work history.
  5. Gain the work experience that employers seek when hiring employees.

This year we will facilitate a large number of internships in a wide variety of fields including marketing, banking, finance, investments, accounting, general management, sales, retail, public relations, real estate development, governments, non-profit organizations, human resources, health care, insurance, tourist promotion and many others. Past intern sponsors have included Merrill Lynch, Hershey Entertainment/Resort, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Coventry, Library of Congress, Comcast 76ers, Deloitte, Ameriprise Financial, and other nationally known companies. Internships in major metropolitan areas throughout the Northeast are being coordinated each year.

Internship Resources


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