Life is Not Fair: Learn How and What You Can Do About It

Minor: Social and Economic Justice

The Social and Economic Justice minor is designed to provide students with a framework to address the causes, consequences, and expressions of social and economic inequalities. Students develop the knowledge and skills to help create a society with opportunities for every member to have a dignified and productive life. With a cross-disciplinary approach that straddles anthropology-sociology, history, philosophy, political science, economics, and entrepreneurship, you will gain an understanding of the sociology of social inequality, the meaning of social injustice, and a technical understanding of how political scientists and economists make sense of the process. This minor is particularly appealing to students who are passionate about justice in the world, including economic inequality and poverty, gender inequality, and racial injustice.

Student Opportunities

  • Attend lectures from a range of disciplines that build your knowledge of justice issues in relevant areas, such as criminal justice, anthropology-sociology, history, and more.
  • Take a travel course in Environmental Anthropology or Philosophy and the Environment to Iceland.
  • Complete an internship that ties together your major course of study with your minor in Social and Economic Justice.
  • Engage in the many social justice activities that are woven into our campus culture, in the curriculum, and among the student body.
  • Seek out research opportunities in your major that will enhance your understanding of Social and Economic Justice.
  • Connect with the Williamsport community and beyond through related volunteer activities.

Why Lycoming?

  • As an interdisciplinary minor, Social and Economic Justice benefits from the combined resources of several different departments.
  • Graduates of the program have gone on to a variety of professions and fields, including admissions recruiting, community activism, the law, and more.
  • Most students take on a minor in Social and Economic Justice as a way to fine-tune a major and fit their full aspirations to their studies.
  • Classes are taught by an interdisciplinary faculty that spans anthropology/sociology, history, philosophy, political science, economics, and entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty continue to research, publish and present research in their respective areas.

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