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Social and Economic Justice

Associate Professors: Adams (Coordinator), Yingling (Coordinator)

The Social and Economic Justice minor is designed to provide students with a framework to address the causes, consequences, and expressions of social and economic inequalities.

Minor Requirements

One core course from:

SOC 240 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC 241 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

One course from the list below:

AMST 200 Perspectives on America
ARHI 339 Gender and Sexuality in Art
ARHI 342 Art and Politics in Latin America
ARHI 344 Race and Ethnicity in US-American Art
HIST 217 20th Century Europe
HIST 221 Latin America
HIST 226 Era of the American Revolution
HIST 230 African American History
HIST 233 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 242 Vietnam War at Home and Abroad
HIST 243 Asia in Global Context
HIST 244 The Pacific World
HIST 246 Africa and the World
HIST 324 Early American Law and Society
HIST 329 Empires and Resistance
HIST 338 Rights, Reform, and Protest
HIST 342 Women and Reform
PHIL 125 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHIL 334 Contemporary Political Philosophy

One course from the list below:

ANTH 210 Talking Trash
ANTH 230 Anthropology of Latin America
ANTH 232 Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 311 Power and Prestige
CJCR 201 Policing and Society
CJCR 203 Correctional Policy
CJCR 210 Introduction to the Administration of Justice
CJCR 211 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJCR 213 Justice in Popular Culture and Media
CJCR 223 Human Trafficking
CJCR 334 Race, Class, Gender, and Crime
PSCI 231 Law in America
PSCI 242 Human Rights
PSCI 245 Latin American Politics
PSCI 260 Globalization and Sustainable Development
PSCI 331 Civil Rights and Liberties
PSCI 341 Women and Law
PSCI 342 Civil Conflict

 One course from the list below:

ANTH 334 Economic Anthropology
BUS 200 Business of Energy
BUS 300 BUS 300
BUS 320 Social Entrepreneurship
ECON 110 Principles of Macroeconoics
ECON 224 Urban Economics
ECON 225 Environmental and Resource Economics
ECON 226 American Economic History
ECON 332 Government and the Economy
ECON 335 Labor Economics
ECON 337 Public Economics
ECON 343 International Trade
ENTR 320 Social Entrepreneurship
HIST 200 Energy, Security, and Global Competition

Any two additional elective courses from those listed above or below:

ARCH 210 Talking Trash
ARCH 311 Power and Prestige
BIO 108 Public Health
CCOM 324 Public Relations
CCOM 349 Political Communication
CEAE 220 Civic Engagement
EDUC 233 Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners in the Dominican Republic
ENGL 218 Classical and Modern Rhetoric
ENGL 229 African American Literature
ENV 215 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
ENV 220 Environmental Biology
FILM 212 Multicultural America on Screen
FILM 300 Film and Social Change
FVA 330 Documentary Filmmaking
GSWS 200 Gendered Perspectives
SOC 222 Introduction to Human Services
SOC 240 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC 241 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
SOC 305 Sociology of Law
SOC 334 American Immigration