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LITT Grant Recipients

The LITT grant recipients welcome your questions and would be happy to describe their projects in more detail. Please contact the recipients via email.

2020-21 Academic Year

Michael Heyes, Ph.D. – Religion Department


Use timeline software (like to create visual representation between dates and events on timelines to give students a better grasp of the relationships between historical events and build greater mental maps of dated material. Embedding timelines within websites would make them accessible to students both inside and outside of the classroom. Having them on the Lycoming College Religion Department website may boost traffic and interest in the program.

Allison Saunders, Ph.D. – Chemistry Department


Use Nearpod to promote active learning which will engage students, reinforce learning materials, and create interactive lectures. Some features planned to be explored include the ‘Collaborate,’ ‘Matching,’ ‘Fill in the Blank,’ and ‘Memory Test’ activities. The upgraded version of Nearpod will allow students to access activities outside of class, accommodates larger class sizes, and integrates with PowerPoint to have a more seamless experience between the lecture materials and activities.

Erin McCutcheon, Ph.D. – Art Department


Use Virtual Reality (VR) as a way to bring students closer to artworks and cultural sites around the world from the Neolithic era to the present day. Seeing art in person provides perspectives and experiences that cannot be conveyed from studying a textbook or slides. VR also opens up the possibility to experience art when travel is restricted or locations are outside the bounds of physical visits.

John Capo – Business Department


Develop a course to create a Brand Storytelling video for a real-world brand, company, or organization. Brand Storytelling uses a narrative to connect a brand to customers, with a focus on linking what the brand stands for to the values it shares with its customers. This course would walk a student through the process from understanding the foundational concepts of advertising, marketing, and public relations to the creation and execution of a 3-5 minute video. The Brand Storytelling videos will be shared with their classmates and broader college community to receive feedback in a simulated “focus group” format.