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LITT Grant Recipients

The LITT grant recipients welcome your questions and would be happy to describe their projects in more detail. Please contact the recipients via email.

2019-20 Academic Year

Courtney Dexter


Experimenting with the use of the Vosaic software platform to enhance video reflection and analysis for pre-service teachers and their develop of explicit instruction methods. Students in SPED 320 develop and deliver a series of explicit instruction lesson simulations, and use thorough video reflection and analysis procedures to monitor their progress.

Seth Goodman


Introducing a digital component to the painting program using Sculptris and ZBrush software. ZBrush is an industry standard 3D modeling program that is used to invent volumetric forms that can be used in animation or still images.

Mica Kurtz


Exploring the use of Socrative for interactive feedback and assessment in his Economics classes to improve student engagement.