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LITT Grant Recipients

2022-23 Academic Year

Mary Morrison – Moodle Ambassador

Project Summary: Expand and explore Safe Exam Browser functionality as well as dive deeper into a variety of Moodle Quiz question types.

Project Results: Mary and the ITS department successfully “beefed up” the Safe Exam Browser usage and function. We went through a few rounds of having students “break” the purpose of the Lock Down browser, but got it to a point where the students were no longer able to break out of it. Mary presented her work in the “Teaching Effectiveness Remove Education and LITT” session held on April 13, 2023.

Allison Saunders – VR Innovator

Project Summary: View and analyze protein structures using PyMOL software and low-cost VR headsets (with smartphones). Opportunity for a more immersive experience by expanding the project to use Pepblock Builder VR software and a VR headset. This software is has a gamified approach to protein structure education. "Gaming-Based Bio-Edutainment"

Project Results: Allison and students explored using the low-cost VR headsets to view and analyze protein structures using “Protein VR” from the PITT Durrant Lab. The students she worked with indicated the sensation of using them caused them to feel “motion sick.” She found that interacting with the protein structures on an iPad (without a headset) was a superior learning experience. Allison and the ITS department explored the “immersive experience” VR game (“PROteinVR”) to view and analyze protein structures but found the educational resource was not fully formed. It was glitchy to a point that it was unusable as an educational resource.

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