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LITT Grant Recipients for the 2017/18 Academic Year

The LITT grant recipients welcome your questions and would be happy to describe their projects in more detail. Please contact the recipients via email.


Professor Robert Smith, Biology Department


Professor Robert Smith has been awarded a LITT grant for academic year 17-18 to explore different options for video capture, hosting and streaming. He is exploring several cloud based solutions including the Amazon Cloud and Panopto. His goal is to identify a cost effective, simple procedure that can be used in conjunction with Moodle the college LMS to store and distribute video

Professor Gary Hafer, English Department


Dr. Hafer is using his LITT grant to extend a model first proposed at Harvard to pinpoint difficult parts of the semester for students and provide interactive workshops relying on individual initiative in the classroom setting. He will be redesigning course material and activities to broadcast work students produce in real time using an iPad Pro, the GoodNotes app and Apple TV to show peer to peer work in class

Professor Lynn Estomin, Art Department


Professor Estomin will be using the most current version of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite to redesign course material to take advantage of digital resources to offer real time access to differing levels of tutorials and class resources that will evolve as the software evolves during the semester. Students will be encouraged to investigate concepts that they will be exposed to using the online resources that they might never see in a traditional textbook

Professor Leah Bedrosian Peterson, Film and Video Arts


Professor Peterson will use her LITT grant to introduce upper level students to stop motion animation capture using Dragonframe software. Dragonframe allows students to explore techniques in shooting video that helps filmmakers make realistic stop motion animations.

Professor Georg Grassmueck, Business Department


Professor Grassmueck will be using tablets to challenge his students to become better and more experiences readers of scholarly works. Using iBooks he will teach students how to identify key textual elements in .pdf documents. Using Apple TV with the iPads he will take advantage of the Apple ecosystem in the classroom to gather student feedback in real-time and to have them learning these new skills in an environment that is rooted in the digital world they have grown up in.

Professor Courtney Dexter, Education Department


Building on work already underway in the Education Department, Dr. Dexter will be using the Swivl video system to enhance student assessment opportunities and create more detailed feedback and guidance with time stamped feedback. Using this feedback she will have the students set goals and measure progress in a more quantitative way better preparing them for future success.