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Snowden Library FAQ

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Don’t see yours? Ask us in person, use our Ask a Librarian form, or directly contact a librarian!

Borrowing Physical Materials

(Using the Catalog, Print Books, Reserves, Films, etc.):

  • How can I find a book in the library?

    I already know what book I want...

    • Use the catalog to find the call number of the book you want to check out and see whether it is available (checked-in). Then, depending on the first letter of the call number, head to the third floor (B to HX) or to the fourth floor (J to ZA). Don't hesitate to ask for help at the circulation desk or the librarians' offices.


    I want to browse...

    • You can browse our leisure collection on the first floor, or head to the third and fourth floor for our general collection. It is organized using the Library of Congress classification system, which means that books are organized by discipline (for example, on shelves that start with the letter K, you will find books related to law). 
  • How can I borrow materials (books, DVDs, chargers, etc.) from the library?
    • Take the materials you want to check out to the circulation desk and make sure to have your college ID with you, as it is your library card. The circulation worker will check the items out for you.
    • Some items, like HDMI cables and adapters, are available from the circulation desk and may not leave the library. See the Snowden Borrowing page for more details.
  • How can I renew materials from the library?
    • You can renew your books in person at the circulation desk, or renew them online by login into your account, entering the nine-digit number on your college ID card and your pin. Then, to view the items you currently have checked out, select the "Account Activity" tab near the top of the page. To select the items you wish to renew, check the white box located on the right side of the item and select the "Renew" box near the top or bottom of the page.
  • How long can I keep the books I check out?
    • Books from the general collection circulate for 4 weeks with 5 renewals, but are always due at the end of the semester or term.
    • Leisure reading books circulate for a period of 2 weeks and may not be renewed.

    • See the Snowden Borrowing page for more information about borrowing periods about different items (DVDs, Boardgames, etc.) and fines.

  • My professor says there is a book on reserve at the library. How do I get that?
    • Go to the circulation desk and ask for the book by mentioning your class and professor. Many of the reserves must be used in the library within a two-hour time span. Others can be checked out up to several days.
  • There is a board game I would like the library to buy. How can I recommend a purchase?

Digital Materials

(Using the Databases, Inter-Library Loans (ILL), EZBorrow, etc.):

  • Can I access library resources from off-campus?
    • Yes! When you access a database from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in to your Lycoming account and to confirm using the Multi-Factor Authentication app. If you experience any issues, please contact Ariane Breton.
  • How can I request books and articles that the library doesn't have?

    Snowden Library allows you to request materials owned by other libraries through two services, EZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan. Both services are free of charge.

    • EZBorrow allows you to borrow books and other physical items (DVDs, music sheet, etc.)  from institutions in Pennsylvania and surrounding regions. If the book you want to borrow is not available through our catalog, you can request it by accessing EZBorrow and searching for the item by title, keyword, author or ISBN. Then, you can identify the correct item on the search results page and select the "Request" button. You will be prompted to log in and submit your request.

      For more information, visit the EZBorrow page.

    • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) also allows you to request books from other institutions, but it is mostly used for articles and digital materials. First-time users have to create an account. If you are in a results page from a database and see the “Request this Item” link, it will prompt you to log in and it will autofill the bibliographic information of the item you want to request. You can submit the request and you will receive an email when the item arrives. You can also submit a request manually by login into your account, selecting “New Request” and the type of item (article, book chapter, etc.), then filling out as much of the information you can and submitting it.

      For more information, visit the Interlibrary Loan page.

  • Where can I pick up an EZBorrow book or Inter-Library Loan (ILL)?
    • You will be notified through your Lycoming email when your item arrives and you will be able to pick up physical items at the circulation desk at the entrance the library. For digital items, you will receive a PDF and will be notified by email as well.

Research Help

Printing, Scanning, Copying, Faxing

  • How can I print from the library's computers?

    Select one of the following printers.

    • LycoBW on LYCOPRINT (for black and white-only pages)

    • LycoColor on LYCOPRINT (for color pages)

    • At the printer, scan your ID with the small, black card scanner attached to the printer, or enter your login information on the printer’s screen.
    • Select Print Release on the printer screen.  It will show you the print jobs you have pending.  Select one or more jobs to release for printing.

    For more information about printing, including printing from your laptop, cost and print counts, please visit the IT Printing webpage.

Physical Spaces in the Library